Spider-Man: Homecoming Ticket Sales Are Outpacing Wonder Woman

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Spider-Man: Homecoming is set to be the biggest release of July 2017.

Ticket pre-sales are so strong that it is currently outpacing that of Wonder Woman. This means the movie is guaranteed to earn well over $100 million at the North American Box Office this weekend.

According to a report from Fandango (via Heroic Hollywood), Spider-Man: Homecoming's ticket sales have outpaced Wonder Woman during the lead up to its opening weekend. The movie also has an anticipation meter of an impressive 97 out of a 100 points.

Fandango also took a survey and moviegoers are positive about the quality of the film.

89 percent of those asked feel that Tom Holland can pull off a good performance because he is believable to play a teenager in high school.

This is unlike both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield who were much older when they first played Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

Elsewhere in the poll, 86 percent of moviegoers are looking forward to Homecoming thanks to the addition of Robert Downey Jr.

If you did not know already, Tony Stark/Iron Man plays a prominent role in the movie as he is kind of like a mentor to Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

70 percent of those polled are fans of Michael Keaton who plays the villainous Vulture.

Fandango expects Homecoming to be a big crowd pleaser that is sure to encourage people to watch the movie more than once in the cinema. They say the film is very funny and has a lot of great action sequences.

You can judge for yourself since the movie is finally out now. Many people are already saying it's the best Spider-Man movie of all time. Others even think it's one of the best Marvel movies ever made too.

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