Gary 'Baba Booey' Dell'Abate Unfriended Howard Stern on Facebook

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Trouble on the Stern Show? Gary 'Baba Booey' Dell'Abate unfriended his boss Howard Stern and actually discussed it on yesterday's wrap-up show.

It was actually Bobo who called in to talk about the event and he said that Baba Booey is out of his mind.

"Howard said Gary is such a d**che bag," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said it's so stupid. Howard said he commented on Gary's picture one time.

He said he doesn't know how Facebook works but everything Gary posts doesn't even end up in his news feed. He said he's friends with him on Facebook and sometimes he forgets."

Stern says he's not on Facebook too much and it's weird because he only has like 25 friends but doesn't care if Baba Booey unfriended him. Stern thought that Baba Booey was a moron to have unfriended him in such a manner.

He told the crew that he doesn't work for Dell'Abate, Dell'Abate works for him and he gives him life.

"Gary said he knows. He said it's life related. Gary said he's going to the World Series with his son and he doesn't want to hear sh*t from Howard," according to MF.

"Howard said Gary did a nice thing with his son and he's the asshole who bad mouthed it. Howard said he really does think he cares that he unfriended him."

Apparently, Dell'Abate did not properly unfriend Stern because Stern says that he can still see all of Dell'Abate's posts. To that Baba Booey just responded by saying he might have clicked the wrong thing.

It turns out that Dell'Abate's profile is just public.

Stern vowed to unfriend Baba Booey who said that he will also be unfriending Robin Quivers and Jason Kaplan. Stern ended it all by saying the whole thing is backfiring for Dell'Abate.