Matt Reeves Clarifies Statement About The Batman Being In The DCEU

There has been a lot of confusion around the fact that The Batman movie. Many people were worried the film won't be a part of the current DCEU. Well the movie's director has put all your worries away. He clarified the statements he made in a prior interview.

Matt Reeves addressed your worries in a series of tweets. It sounds like The Batman will be a part of DCEU after all.

Some people were worried it would have been different much like the Joker origins movie that is being planned. You can read his comments on the matter down below.

Jeez, what'd I miss, guys...? Just to be clear: Of COURSE Batman will be part of the D.C. Universe. Batman will be BATMAN. In my comments from a while back about not being part of the DCEU, I was talking about The Batman being a story specifically about Batman...not about the others in the Universe. That it wouldn't be filled with cameos servicing other stories -- that it would be a BATMAN story.

There was confusion because people thought the movie was not going to be a part of the DCEU. Reeves just meant to say that the movie is a standalone affair.

It's much like what Marvel did prior to the Avengers. Iron Man, Captain America and Thor had their own movies that didn't feature all of the other characters.

With all the worries put away, hopefully this means Ben Affleck can stay portraying Batman.

There have been so many rumors that Affleck wants to walk away from the role after the Justice League. With The Batman movie still being a part of the DCEU, this should mean he is staying

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