Jose Romussi Puts Embroidery on Photography

Jose Romussi is a Chilean artist whose peculiar art form is embroidery on vintage photos.

Those pictures, now with his added touch of embroidery, seem to better express their emotions.

There is some poetry in this series of works, along with a lot of attention to details.
Romussi started studying landscape design in Chile and began this interesting art practice after a particular event.

"One of my friends in America asked me if I was an artist, so I said 'Yes'! They asked to see some of my stuff so I went away for a couple of days and started some collages with things like pandas and photographs of my mother.

I showed them and they liked it and asked if I wanted to collaborate with them; it went from there", he explains.

If the start was a stroke of luck, it's quite clear that the artistic talent was definitely inside Jose.

One of his first artistic productions was called "Dance" and it started with a collection of vintage images found in local markets around town.

Old photos of unknown dancers that he embroidered by hand, trying to confer them a new life, a fresh breath, and successfully managing to do so.