What Happens When You Sell Ellen DeGeneres 12 Days Gifts on Craigslist

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Every year Ellen DeGeneres continues to show her giving nature with the 12 Days of Gifts but some audience members have been selling their gifts on Craigslist.

So, DeGeneres decided to investigate the sales and use it for a segment on her show.

DeGeneres told the current studio audience what was happening on the "Ellen Black Market," as she hilariously put it. She then revealed that she sent her writer Adam Yenser out to investigate the Craigslist sales of her gifts.

Some of the items that were being sold include a Fender guitar, headphones, a bicycle as well as an ED by Ellen gift card.

Yenser staged a bunch of fake meetings with the fans who were selling the items to catch them off guard.

Yenser and the camera crew set out on their mission and the first stop was the house where the Ellen bike was being sold. Yenser explained to the man that DeGeneres found out people were selling her gifts and the reaction was hilarious.

His wife happened to be the one selling the bike and they called her up.

Both she and her husband were a bit spooked when Yenser mentioned the cops but he said he was just joking and that it wasn't illegal, just ungrateful.

The woman's husband was forced to take the bike for a test drive and ultimately decided to keep it.

Another fan was confronted about the guitar and immediately started laughing after she realized she was caught. Yenser didn't hold back here either.

He jokingly gave the former audience member a lesson in how to remember the musical notes on the guitar.

The result was a song about how sorry the audience member was for selling her gift from DeGeneres. You can check the final result of the hilarious investigation below.

Check out the hilarious investigation below.