'90 Day Fiance' Season 5: The Search for Mohamed Jbali

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Mohamed Jbali is definitely one of the more infamous characters from "90 Day Fiance" - considering how much drama he caused on the first season of "90 Day Fiance" with an unexpected disappearance.

Then, he kept up the drama the next season of the show by taking flight to Florida with another woman while fighting for his freedom from ex-spouse Danielle Mullins.

And he marked another noteworthy return to the media with the start of the most recent season of "90 Day Fiance" by talking to the media about his divorce from Danielle and components of the dispute that he noted were filmed just for the show.

So given how prominent he's been in the past, where is Mohamed JBali now? Why has he been so quiet across social media and where is he now? Will he be making an appearance for the finale of the show in its typical "sit- down" format?

One of the more interesting theories across the internet about Mohamed Jbali recently was that he was deported. Given that the petition to achieve this has only increased its number of signatures since the new season of the show began, it's certainly possible that Mohamed is no longer in this country.

However, according to other sources, Mohamed is still in the country but trying to make a dramatic appearance and will probably resurface when least expected.

It is interesting that Mohamed has not been vocal across his social media for some time.

Of all of the people on "90 Day Fiance" we'd expect to continue blasting social media updates, it's Mohamed Jbali. Is it possible that he's genuinely trying hard to build a new anonymous identity far from Danielle, as he's claimed?

It seems hard to believe that Mohamed Jbali would be trying to live a life of anonymity given that he's continuing to be featured on a reality show.

If Mohamed really wanted to keep a low profile, would it make sense to have his life blasted on TV?

Stay tuned for our recap of tonight's episode of "90 Day Fiance."

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