Man Live Streams Himself Sitting and Smiling For Hours Everyday

A YouTube user named Benjamin Bennett enjoys sitting in front of a camera for hours every day, smiling. He's probably doing it right now.

For four weeks in a row, Bennett filmed 4-hour long videos of himself sitting cross-legged in a seemingly barren room, just smiling.

Could it be a form of meditation? Is it a way to spread joy through the Interwebs? What are his motives? Who is he? What do we do?

As of writing, there are no answers, though many seem to speculate that the video is on a loop.

More likely than not, it is a form of mindfulness meditation, as evidenced by the typical sitting posture for those actively practicing meditation.

Check out Bennett's latest live stream, and let us know your thoughts:

As of 12:46 p.m. on Monday, January 19, 2015, Bennett is about 3 hours in to a live session. He is doing little more than blinking.

YouTube commentators, who are indisputably the worst people on Earth, obviously have things to say. Here is a gem from Chuck Norris: "this is f***ing madness."

Bennett joined YouTube on December 28, 2013, and posted his first "Sitting and Smiling" video roughly 5 months ago. You can observe all 26 of his sitting and smiling videos at