It Looks Like An AEW Game Is In The Works

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AEW may have only started at the beginning of 2019, but the new wrestling company is still going strong. It looks like the next thing the company wants to make is its own video game.

AEW already has its own toy and t-shirt line, so a video game is another merchandise medium the company can release.

As reported by The Koaltion, AEW referee Aubrey Edwards has noted on Chris Jericho's podcast that she is in the early stages of working on a video game for the company.

Edwards has worked on many video games in the past and she has experience in the industry.

She has been discussing with wrestler Kenny Omega on working on the game, although she does not want to say a timeframe about when the game will be released.

Creating your own wrestler will be a big factor in the game as AEW wants people to create people that may not be in the actual roster.

This could mean people can create wrestlers from other companies like WWE, New Japan and more just to name a few.

As of right now, it looks like the video game is in the early stages of planning so a release date won't be anytime soon.

That being said, it will be cool to get a new wrestling game since people are getting tired of the WWE 2K franchise at the moment.

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