Ellen DeGeneres Rewards A Mother and Daughter For Their Kindness

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To say The Ellen Show has been in the giving spirit this season would probably be an understatement. Host Ellen DeGeneres displayed her joy for people who spread kindness by surprising a mother and daughter for their selfless acts.

DeGeneres read a letter about someone who has started her own pet therapy group after being inspired by DeGeneres love for animals.

The foundation is called retrieving hearts with 10 dogs who visit sick children and the elderly on a weekly basis.

The author of the letter was the daughter of a selfless mother who said tickets to The Ellen Show would be something they can check off their bucket list.

Katherine's letter was a reasonable request according to DeGeneres and she sent Jeannie out to her home to surprise her. DeGeneres made a prank call and found out that Katherine received two packages instead of three.

She urged Katherine to check outside the door and both the mother and daughter pair completely freaked out with excitement.

DeGeneres surprised the pair with tickets and much more. You can check out the entire Ellen Show video filled with surprises below.

Ellen DeGeneres Rewards A Mother and Daughter For Their Kindness