Hot Toys Reveals Infinity Ultron From Marvel's What If?

Hot Toys has now revealed a new figure from the hit TV show called Marvel's What If. This time, fans can try and get their hands on Infinity Ultron that appeared in episodes 8 and 9.

Infinity Ultron was a cool bad guy as he claimed all of the Infinity Stones and even traveled over to the multiverse. He was more badass than the Ultron we saw from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The toy stands at a huge 39cm and is screen accurate to the show. You can read more from the Hot Toys Facebook announcement posted down below.

In Episode 8 of Marvel Studios’ What If?, Ultron not only succeeds in merging with Vision, but also gains the power of Infinity Stones when Thanos the Mad Titan comes to Earth. Wielding unstoppable power, Ultron takes his grudge against organic life through the vast reaches of space, intending to wipe clean the entire multiverse…

To expand on the multiverse display, Hot Toys is excited to introduce Infinity Ultron as amazingly-detailed 1/6th scale diecast collectible figure from What If…? collection.

Skillfully crafted based on the appearance of Infinity Ultron in the animation series, the diecast figure stands 39cm in height, features a newly developed helmeted head sculpt with LED light-up function on eyes and Mind Stone; highly-detailed helmet with LED light up function and magnetic flip-up design; multiple layers of titanium grey and matted gold paint application on the armor embedded with LED-light up Infinity Stones; most noticeable for the signature double-headed spear; and figure stand.

The new Infinity Ultron 1/6th scale figure is here to conquer your display!

This new toy should be available to pre-order shortly from Sideshow

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