'90 Day Fiance' Season 5 Episode 10 Recap: The Shocking Reason Why Luis and Molly Might Break Up

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Tonight was episode 10 of 90 Day Fiance season 5 - did Evelyn wind up breaking up with David after their bizarre fight? Find out below.

David and Evelyn

Luis and Molly

Luis feels tied down by Molly's kids. Finally, Luis gets a night out with Molly. Molly They reminisce about how much fun they had together when they met.

Still, Luis keeps talking about how he wants to go back to the DR. Molly needs to remind Luis that she comes with her daughters and they're a package deal.

Luis feels that dealing with Molly's daughters is just too tough. Molly makes an ultimatum to Luis about it.

Molly has a serious talk with Luis about how their relationship has been going. She tells Luis that he's demanding too much from her and she's not obligated to care for anyone but her kids.

Luis responds by telling Molly that she's crazy and he's never seen a single bible in her home. Luis begins criticizing Molly's art for being sacrilegious.

Molly turns the conversation on Luis and tells him he needs to stop accusing her of things.

Molly also tells Luis he needs to stop with his drinking, his strip club frequenting and his porn on his phone. Finally, Molly tells Luis he needs to pack his bags and get out of her home.

Aika and Josh

Aika and Josh head to the doctor to have an evaluation given that Josh has had a vasectomy. Aika says that if she can't have kids she doesn't think the relationship will work out with Josh.

The doctor tells Aika that her biological clock is one of the most important determinants of success with conceiving even taking into account that Josh needs to have a vasectomy reversal.

After an exam, however, Aika is given the shocking news that her egg count is low and she needs to be worried about her fertility.

Later, Aika and Josh sit down and discuss the doctor's visit. Aika interprets the result from the doctor as having been told that she may not have as many eggs as someone younger, but she has enough.

Josh walks out on Aika when she continues to pester hin about his need to have vasectomy reversal and denies that she has a problem. She threatens to leave him for another man causing him to get really upset.

Although Josh comes back, Aika is still really upset. They do, however, agree to undergo embryos freezing so that Aika can realize her dream of one day having children.

Elizabeth and Andrei

Elizabeth is heading to Miami for her bachelorette party. Elizabeth makes sure to get her clothes that she's planning to wear approved by Andrei. Elizabeth knows that Andrei is "old-school." But, Andrei isn't just "old-school." He's expecting Elizabeth to be in touch with him 24/7.

Elizabeth is shocked when her sisters and friends show up in a pink limo. Elizabeth's sisters are contemptuous of Andrei's disapproval.

In any case, Elizabeth does plan to have fun no matter what.

But Elizabeth gets a little annoyed when her sisters take away her phone and send Andrei a video about how they're going to kidnap her and take her out for a good time.

Later, Elizabeth's sisters wind up riling her up when they take her phone away. Elizabeth fights with her sisters about the fact that she wants to communicate with Andrei.

She calls them immature. Elizabeth accuses her sisters of trying to get a rise out of her. But when she gets her phone back, Elizabeth does feel ready to party and indeed, goes out and has a great time.

The next day, Andrei is upset that Elizabeth was out of touch with him during her party. Elizabeth explains that she had to have a fit to get her phone back from her sisters. Andrei realizes that Elizabeth's sisters want to try to test his limits.

When Elizabeth talks about how she danced on a ledge to Andrei, he gets really upset and threatens their relationship.

As a bouncer, Andrei has bad memories about what he saw in clubs. Elizabeth feels she shouldn't have to deal with Andrei being so distrustful.

Annie and David

David shows Annie around Louisville. Annie is worried about David's kids being mean to her. She suspects they won't like her very much. David understands. David's kids don't feel very close to him. They're also upset that their dad wants to marry a woman who's half his age. David's kids additionally accuse him of neglecting them in front of Annie.

David defends himself but also doesn't feel that it's his kids' business. Annie is dismayed to be at the dinner with this family. In a shocking moment, David's daughter throws a glass of water at him.

Annie is surprised that David's kids talk like this to him. David feels that it's tough for his daughter Ashley to grasp that he's getting married so quickly.

Ashley just wants her father to be a normal dad. Later, Annie is truly upset and wonders whether she should really marry David.

The next morning, Annie continues to feel shocked. Annie decides to spend time with Ashley so that she can better understand David and learn the truth about him.

Ashley starts to tell Annie about David's prior relationships and how he cheated on her mother. She notes that David likes to party and drink. Annie is shocked.

Ashely notes that David is looking for someone to be a slave in his home. Annie does wonder if Ashley is lying.

Azan and Nicole

Nicole feels that there have been several moments during which she feels like it's been over between her and Azan.

Azan does tell Nicole that he still doesn't trust her 100%. Azan is concerned about immigrating to the US in the current political climate with Trump as president.

Nicole is ready to go home and feels sad about leaving. Azan's aunt says she's going to miss Nicole and especially May.

At the airport, Azan has a surprisingly heartfelt parting with Nicole. Nicole wonders if things will work out between her and Azan long-term given that they still have to go through the process of getting a K1 visa.

Evelyn and David

Evelyn and David haven't had a chance to revisit their fight about sex. David says he feels he can't trust Evelyn given that she persisted in her desire to talk about sex. David says he was 13 when he decided to wait to have sex.

Evelyn feels that David worries about being judged for not having sex. Still, he apologizes to Evelyn about their fight. Evelyn also brings up the fact that her dad has a friend who has an apartment they can rent for $900

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