'Attack on Titan' Season 2 Episode 35 Recap and Review: Children

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Today, the 35th episode of Attack on Titan aired.

The episode begins with Moblit and his soldiers on horseback in Conny's village. It appears that the titan lying on Conny's house is one of his family members.

We then return to the forest, where Eren and Ymir are talking to Reiner and Bertholdt. Ymir has to decide whether to join with the titans or stay with the humans.

In a conversation between Berhtoldt and Reiner, we learn that Christa is for some reason important to the Church, and that the titans need her to search for the "Coordinate." We don't yet know what the "Coordinate" is for sure, but they think that Eren may be it, although they're not sure.

They decide to bring Annie and Christa back with them.

The scouts approach, and Reiner decides that instead of waiting until nightfall, they will leave their forest encampment now. Eren tries to fight him but doesn't get very far.

Christa arrives, and Ymir wants to get her, but Reiner says they will do it later. This upsets Ymir, who stops trusting him.

Reiner insists, however, that he wants to save Christa for Christa's sake.

We flash back to Ymir's childhood. She is taken away from her village to a new home, where she is worshiped by a cult, who think's shes's some sort of God.

They think she inherited the blood of the king, and therefore will make them immortal. Over time, she convinces herself that she really is a God.

But one day, soldiers break down the doors and she tells them she has the blood of the king.

She and her clan are taken to be thrown from the walls. She feels that being a titan was her punishment for lying to herself, so she decides to change and always be honest.

One day, she's in the church and hears people talking about Christa. She realizes that Christa is just like her.

Back to the present, Ymir comes up with a plan to take Christa. She wants to stay and fight as Reiner, Bertholdt, and Eren leave.

As the scouts enter the forest, they find Ymir in titan form. Ymir finds Christa and swallows her.

The scouts chase her as she runs away with Christa in her mouth. She finds Reiner, who transforms into a titan and runs away with Ymir, Bertholdt, and Eren.

The scouts continue their chase, and the episode ends there.

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