The Flash Season 4 Episode 19 Recap/Review: ‘Fury Rogue’

Team Flash is still many steps behind Clifford DeVoe as ‘The Thinker’ has managed to outsmart the team constantly. To try and throw DeVoe off, Barry Allen calls upon an old ally from Earth-X to try and help them out.

What I like most about episode ‘Fury Rogue’ is that it feels like an older episode of The Flash prior to Season 4.

This is mainly thanks to Ralph Dibny no longer being on the show so we did not have to suffer his lame sense of humor and goofy antics.

I know my opinion may not be popular, but I still feel Dibny ruined Season 4 for me, so I’m glad to see him gone.

‘Fury Rogue’ is evidence that the show should not have included him as a main character as he just made the majority of Season 4 really bad.

Anyway, in this episode Team Flash has to transport the character named ‘Fallout’ to safety before DeVoe gets him for his final plans. As you might know already, Fallout was the dangerous metahuman that is a walking radioactive man.

In order to help contain Fallout, they need to freeze him if things go wrong. Sadly, they cannot rely on Killer Frost anymore because DeVoe neutralized Caitlin’s powers in last week’s episode.

Barry Allen comes up with the plan to recruit Leonard Snart from Earth-X because he still has his cold gun.

However, they do not get Snart without a stowaway because the evil Nazi version of Laurel Lance named Siren X also comes to Earth-1.

As for Clifford DeVoe, everything seems to be going according to plan for him although he makes a miscalculation along the way.

Barry’s not his old heroic self because he’s having doubts and is getting scared after witnessing Dibny’s death last week.

While Team Flash is transporting Fallout inside of a truck, everyone gets blindsided by Siren-X and she kidnaps Fallout, Joe and Caitlin who all go to the police station.

Snart and Barry have to find the courage to go back and save them.

Siren-X has a weird plan because she just wants Fallout to have a nuclear explosion inside the police station for revenge of her Nazi friends getting defeated during the crossover episode.

As for DeVoe, he did not anticipate these events happening in his calculations so he retreats back to his lair to see what went wrong.

The Flash and Snart come to the police station to stop Siren-X and Fallout from creating a lot of damage, although Barry is still scared.

His lack of courage is causing trouble because the longer he waits, Fallout is going to kill thousands of people from his nuclear explosion.

Thankfully, Snart tells Barry to fight back and The Flash finally finds the courage to fight back. He runs really fast and pushes Siren-X to a wall knocking her out.

With Siren-X out of the way, Snart and Caitlin both use cold guns to cool Fallout down so he can get inside his containment suit. Fallout is them taken to another facility that is able to contain him safely.

Things are still not solved though because Team Flash still need to get DeVoe. Clifford DeVoe is getting mad with his plans that even his own wife Marlize is concerned about his ambitions.

The side story this week involved Harrison Wells and Gideon telling him that he’s losing his knowledge thanks to him using the Thinking Cap too many times.

Cisco is unaware of this and wants to use his own Thinking Cap.

It takes Harrison Wells quite a long time to tell Cisco the truth, but he eventually does.

I’m not sure where they are going with this storyline, but I’d hate to see Wells leave the team.

It will be annoying if he has to leave the team knowing that his knowledge will no longer be helpful for them.

While this is bad news for Harrison Wells, we get some good news when it comes to Caitlin Snow.

We learn that Killer Frost is not gone forever as Caitlin just needs to find a way to bring her back somehow.

As for Barry in this week’s episode, he seemed out of character in my opinion.

Sure it’s sad to see many of his friends die, but losing Dibny should not have made him scared because he went up against much bigger threats in the past.

However as a whole, I felt this week’s episode was decent as it felt like The Flash from the previous seasons.

There were not many excessive attempts at lame campy humor in sight and the focus was on the main story at heart.

Season 4 of The Flash has been pretty weak, although I’m glad the latter end of the season is getting better.

Focusing on the original cast members is better than when they tried to make Dibny a main character earlier in the season…

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