Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 Review/Recap: Vegeta Helps Cabba

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Dragon Ball Super episode 112 takes a bit of a break focusing on the mighty Jiren.

Jiren is busy meditating while this episode focuses on the Saiyans instead. The tournament is far from over, although Universe 7 is in the lead as they have the most fighters left on the battlefield.

Anyway, episode 112 of Dragon Ball Super starts off with Goku. Despite losing all of his energy, Goku is determined to get another crack at Jiren.

Before he can fight Jiren though, Universe 3's robots attack Goku in his weakened state. Universe 3 feels getting rid of Goku will even out the playing field somewhat.

While Goku is getting beaten up, Piccolo wants Gohan to help out.

Gohan however is surprisingly confident that Goku is able to handle things for himself. Gohan and Piccolo have their own enemies to fight as the pair of Namekians stand in their way.

Champa has the bright idea of winning the tournament without facing Jiren.

All that the other universes have to do is wait until the tournament is over so the team with the most fighters win. Champa proposes everyone should thin out Universe 7's numbers and run away from Jiren if possible.

Elsewhere in the tournament, Caulifa is happy knowing she is a Saiyan and can potentially be as strong as Goku. Kale isn't as positive, but remains hopeful.

However, the two female Saiyans are unable to take a break because Monna from Universe 4 arrives. Monna has a similar appearance to that of Ribrianne.

Monna is interrupted though by Cabba.

With Hit gone, Cabba wants both Kale and Caulifa to save their stamina so he decides to fight Monna himself. Cabba isn't as strong as the girls, but he feels he's capable enough to fight someone like Monna.

Cabba tries his best to beat Monna, but she is too strong even though he's a Super Saiyan. Monna's big boulder attack manages to knock him out of the ring.

Cabba is disappointed by his performance, but someone unexpected saves him from falling out. Vegeta of all people helps Cabba to stay in the tournament. Despite being on different teams, Vegeta loves to aid his fellow Saiyan mates.

This isn't really out of character for Vegeta because he's always been proud of the Saiyan race. It's just that in Universe 7, most of the Saiyans are dead.

Cabba is someone that Vegeta has taken a liking to even though he's just a small kid. Cabba also idolizes Vegeta as his unofficial master.

Vegeta gives Cabba some tough love and mentions he only saved him because he still wants to visit Universe 6's Planet Sadala.

As you may know already, Frieza blew up the Planet Sadala from Universe 7. Vegeta is hoping to visit his home planet again, even though it's inside a different universe.

Cabba doesn't think this is possible because one of their Universes will be destroyed. Vegeta says something noble and he says he will revive everyone from Universe 6 with the Super Dragon Balls if Universe 7 manages to win it all.

This is cool, although I would love if the winning team revives every other Universe that has been destroyed. It wouldn't seem right if Goku and the others leave the other fighters dead forever...

Cabba says something funny and mentions if Universe 6 wins, he will resurrect the Universe 7 members.

Vegeta tells him not to get cocky because he is determined to make Universe 7 win. After the pep talk with Vegeta, Cabba returns to battle Monna.

After getting beaten down by Monna, Cabba unleashes a new transformation. Cabba finally reaches Super Saiyan 2! His transformation is not as epic as Gohan's first turn becoming a Super Saiyan 2, but it's still impressive nonetheless.

Cabba manages to shoot Monna away with a huge Ki blast. Universe 4 now has only three fighters left in the tournament.

This episode starts to fall apart near the end in my opinion. After Cabba eliminates Monna, Frieza approaches him.

Cabba tries his best in his new Super Saiyan 2 form to confront Frieza, but he is no match for him. Frieza eliminates Cabba easily so Universe 6 is down another fighter.

To me, this felt anticlimactic. Episode 112 spent the whole time building up Cabba as a fighter that never gives up, yet he gets eliminated easily despite all of his hard work.

It would have made more sense if Cabba got eliminated in another episode instead. Seeing him get beaten by Frieza so easily is a huge bummer.

Anyway, the Tournament of Power continues in Dragon Ball Super. Toppo is fighting Vegeta while Caulifa is back at full strength and wants to test her powers against Goku.

Next week, it will focus on the battle between Goku and Caulifa. These two respect each other so it should be a fun fight to watch. Stay tuned next week for another review/recap.

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