Ellen DeGeneres Shares 420 Children's Books She Found On The Ellen Show

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You know a date that celebrates the used of marijuana has become somewhat of a norm when it's a feature on The Ellen Show.

It's 420 and Ellen DeGeneres just so happened to stumble upon some 420 inspired children's books and shared it with her audience and viewers.

DeGeneres announced what date it was and was truly surprised when fans actually cheered. She explained that 420 was code for smoking weed and joked that no one knows why because they forgot.

The host then brought out a book she says plenty of people are upset about. The book titled, "The Scratch & Sniff Book of Weed" looks like children's book based off of a pretty controversial drug.

The book is actually for adults and DeGeneres found a couple others like it for comparative purposes.

Those books included, "The Little Engine That Couldn't Get Off The Couch," "The Very Very Very Very Very Hungry Caterpillar," "If You Give A Mouse A Pot Brownie" and "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish What Was I Talking About?"

These clever titles were just a part of DeGeneres' plan to plug her new merchandise available in The Ellen Show shop. Check out the hilarious video of DeGeneres' 420 segment below.

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