Cinemas Now Want More Diverse Superhero Movies After The Success Of Black Panther And Wonder Woman

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Historically, superhero movies have normally been about white male characters saving the world from evil super villains.

The genre started way back in 1978 with the release of the first Superman film and then the likes of Batman, Spider-Man and more were made.

Even though diverse superhero movies have been made in the past, they were not very successful thanks to their poor quality. The likes of Steel starring Shaq, Catwoman starring Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner's Elektra spring to mind. 

Ever since 2008, superhero films have become more profitable and is the most popular film genre. This is all thanks to the great duo of The Dark Knight and the first MCU film Iron Man. 

That said, most superhero films since 2008 have centered around white male characters outside of ensembles like Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers.

It wasn't until the releases of Wonder Woman and Black Panther did the main character focus on a woman and African-American respectively in their own films.

Variety talked with John Fithian who is the Head of the Nation Association of Theatre Owners.

He says cinemas have wanted more diverse films in Hollywood for a long time and now they are getting it and are seeing the benefits of it.

Theater owners have been asking for more diversity in movies for a long time, and by diversity we mean diversity in casting and diversity in times of the year when movies are released. We want these movies to set a precedent and not be one-offs that people forget about. We’d like to see this more and more and more. There should be a Latino superhero movie or an Asian superhero movie. The more you have different types of people in these movies, the more you appeal to different types of audiences. 

Fithian also mentioned that more Hollywood studios should consider releasing big blockbusters outside of the usual Summer season. February has been a decent year in recent memory thanks to the release of Deadpool and now Black Panther. 

Having diverse casts have also been pretty successful for Hollywood lately. Star Wars and the Fast and Furious franchises have seen the benefits of this grossing billions of dollars worldwide.

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