The Former Aleister Black Debuts On AEW Dynamite

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Aleister Black was surprisingly released from WWE a month ago, but now the wrestler has popped out elsewhere.

He now goes by the ring name Malakai Black and he has made his debut on the AEW Dynamite TV show this week.

Malakai Black's signing was kept a secret since none of the dirt sheets spoiled the surprise of his debut in All Elite Wrestling.

Literally the moment he showed up on TV is the first time many people knew of the new signing.

During AEW Dynamite, Malakai Black used his Black Mass finisher to kick Arn Anderson in the face. After that, he also kicked Cody Rhodes in the face using the same finishing move.

Unlike other recently released WWE talent, Mr Black didn't have to wait 90 days before he could appear on a rival's television show.

WWE forgot to update his contract so he was allowed to appear in AEW after only 30 days were up.

His wife Zelina Vega was released from WWE last year, but she reappeared on Smackdown already. It looks like the two side buried the hatchet and don't mind working with each other anymore.

As for Malakai Black, hopefully his time in AEW is better than this main roster WWE run.

Black on the main WWE roster was disappointing because the creative team left him sitting at home doing nothing for the majority of his short tenure...

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