Ellen DeGeneres Remains Hopeful in Humanity Despite Las Vegas Tragedy

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When it comes to tragedy, especially on a large scale like the recent event in Las Vegas, we look for some type of hope. We all want to believe in humanity and that is exactly what Ellen DeGeneres was trying to deliver in her October 3 monologue.

DeGeneres' show provided some relief and a discourse about what this tragedy means.

"Despite the fact there's so much going on in the world right now, Ellen still believes there's a lot more good in the world than bad," according to the EllenTV description.

"Over the past 15 seasons, Ellen has met many people who do good in the world, and these are just some of them. Take a look back at these everyday heroes who have helped make the world a better place."

DeGeneres reacted to the tragedy via Twitter as soon as she saw the reports, she expressed her reactions but maintained that we should all never give up. The host strongly believes that the world needs good humans.

Along with the inspirational video, DeGeneres also brought Zully Hernandez, a Las Vegas Nurse, to the show to chat about the tragic events. Hernandez and DeGeneres had an incredibly pleasant meeting the first time around when DeGeneres surprised her at a slot machine in Vegas. Nurse Hernandez was clearly emotional during her chat with DeGeneres because of the scale of the tragedy.

She also revealed that one of her son's friends was injured during the heinous crime. DeGeneres would later on deliver a pretty wonderful surprise for Hernandez, though, we won't spoil it.

For more on Ellen DeGeneres' message following the Las Vegas tragedy and her chat with nurse Zully Hernandez, check out the videos below.

Ellen DeGeneres Remains Hopeful on Humanity Despite Las Vegas Tragedy

Las Vegas Nurse Zully Hernandez Joins Ellen DeGeneres On Stage