'DC Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: 'Outlaw Country,' Season 2 Episode 6

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The CW's "Legends of Tomorrow" return to the Old West. It's a time for criminals to shine like heroes in "Outlaw Country," the second season's sixth episode.

The Legends are lead back to the Old West. They meet up with Jonah Hex to help him take down Quentin Turnbull, a man who wants to turn the West into his personal territory of lawlessness.

Mick is excited to be back in the West. Sara is concerned he won't be able to concentrate and tasks Amaya with keeping him under control.

A traveler from the future is looking into rare ore in a mine. Jax believes that he and Stein should come clean about Barry's message. Stein begins to get a strange pain in his head. Nate is a little miffed that despite his powers he's still the research guy. The machine goes off alerting the team to a new aberration.

Amaya draws the short straw and has to inform Mick about their new destination. Nate's been designing his own superhero costume. Nate charges out on his own to save Hex from a hanging.

His gun fight with the outlaws makes Hex's horse run out from under him. Sara saves Hex's life by shooting him down. Later, Nate notices some discrepancies in history, mainly Turnbull Country.

Sara sends Mick into Turnbull's salon in order to smoke him up. She tasks Amaya with babysitter duty. Jax, Ray, and Nate have to pretend to be tax collectors so they can go over Turnbull's accounts. Just as they find out there's an interesting finding in the mine's a couple of Turnbull's lackeys come in.

Jax makes quick work of them. Sara interrogates Hex about his need for revenge. The three researchers plan to go undercover in Turnbull's camp. Mick's antics have finally drawn Turnbull out into the saloon.

Stein isn't feeling good but Gideon's scans don't reveal anything physically wrong with him. However he's starting to get visions, possible someone else's memory. While snooping in the mines, Ray realizes that Turnbull is after the dwarf star alloy. They take the future tracker and head back to the team. Mick and Turnbull are getting along, a little too well.

Hex gets impatient and goes in for Turnbull. He's made the alloy into bullets. Sara saves Hex's life, once again, when she lassos Turnball's gun before he can shoot it.

A fight breaks out. Mick gets caught without ammo. Nate jumps in front of him to block the shot but the dwarf star bullet pierces his metal exterior.

Angered that one of her crew's been injured when Hex broke the plan, she demands answers out of him. He confesses that he wants revenge for when Turnbull locked a whole town in a church and burned it down. It seems Stein's timeline is changing.

His seeing a woman who should be a stranger but doesn't feel like one. Ray figures out that Turnbull is planning to use the dwarf star to destroy a pass that will lock the rest of the county out of the West.

Nate, Jax, and Ray are assigned to taking down the train filled with dwarf star. The rest of the team plans on dealing with Turnbull for good.

Disguised as a man, Sara delivers Hex to Turnbull. Like any villain, Turnbull decides to reveal his evil plan before killing the good guy. Mick and Amaya set a bomb deep in the mines. Nate plans to stop the train just with brute force. Turnbull seems most surprised that Sara isn't a man, even though his mine's just exploded. It leaves him open for Hex's attack, though he doesn't kill Turnbull.

Nate's plan works. Hex has accepted Sara's leadership position and wishes her luck on her travels. Amaya offers to help Mick reign in his animal side.

Stein worries that the new woman in his visions has replaced Clarissa in his life. Ray's built Nate's Captain America suit. Sara announces that their friends in 2016 need help, laying the groundwork for the four night crossover.

"Outlaw Country" was another bonding episodes for the team.

"Legends of Tomorrow" is really delving into Mick and it's nice seeing his growth throughout his time as a Legend. Keep watching Thursdays at 8pm and if you miss it, catch up here.

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