Justice League Could Earn Less Money At The Box Office Than Man of Steel

The Justice League was supposed to be DC's answer to Marvel's Avengers, but sadly it looks like the film will not be a huge success.

It is currently on track to earn even less money than 2013's Man of Steel both domestically and internationally.

This new analysis comes from Forbes who has crunched the numbers for Justice League's Box Office potential. As of right now, the movie has earned $197 million in North America and a total of $567 million worldwide.

In comparison, Man of Steel is the lowest grossing DCEU film so far.

It earned over $291 million in North America with a worldwide total of $668 million. These numbers are okay for a solo Superman movie, but pretty bad for a team up film.

Justice League is expected to be the lowest grossing DCEU in North America because there's no chance it can earn close to $291 million. Forbes also believes the film will only max out at $650 million worldwide which is a huge disappointment.

The reason that the movie is unlikely going to earn much more money is because attendance has dropped off dramatically.

Not to mention it will not have long legs with Disney's Star Wars: The Last Jedi out very soon later this month.

I actually enjoyed watching Justice League, but you cannot deny the fact that the film underwhelmed at the Box Office. These numbers are far lower than what Warner Bro projected a few months ago.

Hopefully DC and Warner Bros can use this as a stepping stone to improve its movies in the future.

Wonder Woman is an example that fans still want to see good superhero movies. DC and Warner Bros' next test is Aquaman which is out in December 2018.

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