Persona 5: The Animation Episode 20 Recap/Review: 'My Name Is Beauty Thief'

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Persona 5: The Animation continues on this week with an episode called 'My name is Beauty Thief'.

While the Phantom Thieves still have a palace to take down, sadly this feels more like a filler episode because the main target isn't taken care of yet.

The Phantom Thieves are supposed to change the heart of Kunizaku Okumura who is the CEO Of Okumura Foods.

His company is very shady and he treats his employees like crap. If employees cannot handle the work, they get fired and are easily replaced.

We only see a little bit of Okumura's palace because the Phantom Thieves sadly do not steal his treasure yet.

I remember in the video game there was a huge maze to traverse, but it sounds like we won't see that until next week's episode.

Instead this week we get to know a new character by the name of Haru Okumura.

She is the daughter of Kunizaku Okumura and she manages to enter his palace along with Morgana the cat. She wants to find out the truth behind her father as she's heard lots of bad stories about him.

Having Haru Okumura on the side of the Phantom Thieves is a huge advantage because she can gain access to more rooms in her father's palace.

She even gets to open up a door that was previously inaccessible to the other characters.

Sadly though, stealing treasure is not what this week's episode was about because the characters leave the palace and the rest of the episode was all about character development.

We get to know more about Haru's life and how she's forced to marry a politician's son so her father can gain more power in Japan.

Haru's fiance is a bit of a douchebag and is quite abusive, although Morgana and the rest of the gang come to Haru's aid.

Things are still not over for Haru because her dad is still corrupt, so the only thing they can do now is change his heart inside his palace.

Nothing much else happens in this week's episode which is kind of disappointing because we are nearing the end of the series.

It looks like there are only a few more episodes left and the anime is going to cut out a lot of content that's in the actual video game.

Sure I don't mind the anime rushing through a lot of content, but it's disappointing some of the cooler stuff from the video game is going to get cut out.

Anyway, hopefully the rest of Persona 5: The Animation gets more action packed soon because this week's episode was kind of pointless because not much happened in it.

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