'I Am Jazz' Season 3 Brings Confrontation, Fear, and Surprise (Watch the Trailer)

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TLC has announced that season 3 of their hit show, I am Jazz, will be premiering on June 28, 2017. The show has been anticipated for a while, but TLC hadn't said much about the show until now.

Season 3 is bound to be shocking and controversial, as Jazz faces serious physical and emotional decisions. So what will we be seeing in season 3?

There are several themes that will be followed during season 3. The most prevalent will be Jazz's changeover, both physically and emotionally. During this season, Jazz is looking to have 'bottom surgery,' which would essentially complete her physical transformation.

However, her parents are not sure sure about the timing of the surgery, and whether she is ready for such a major procedure.

During the season, she sees numerous doctors and learns about the potential drawbacks and complications with the surgery.

Jazz also faces some severe emotional issues during this season of I am Jazz. Her mother wants her to see a psychiatrist, but she refuses to. She starts feeling really depressed, and things get tenuous for her at home.

The most controversial moment of the season, however, is likely to be when Jazz appears on right-wing TV host Tomi Lahren's online commentary show on The Blaze (Glenn Beck's network).

Lahren, of course, uses Jazz as a pawn in her fight against 'immoral' behavior (which is amazing, coming from Lahren -- search her old photos).

We expect that the interview will be shocking. However, the interview hasn't yet aired, and given that Lahren is expected to leave The Blaze, it may never air.

Other themes we expect to see this season:

  • Jazz continues to learn to drive -- she turned 16 in late 2016, and now she's ready to take the wheel.
  • Jazz is now doing other projects on TV, including a voice for an animated show on Amazon and a commercial for Microsoft
  • Griffen and Sander are taking on the class of 2020 at Univeristy of Florida

You can watch the trailer here.

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TLC/The Blaze