'Catfish' MTV Season 6 Episode 2 Recap: Alante and Nevaeh

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Tonight was the second episode of season 6 of Catfish on MTV. This evening's episode features Alante and Nevaeh. Nevaeh has been leading on Alante for years, and Alante doesn't know why.

Alante is a machine operator and from Michigan. He feels that Nevaeh is the perfect girl for him and has been wanting to get married to her for a long time.

However, Alante has been trying to meet up with Nevaeh, but things always keep them from meeting up. Alante wants to confirm whether Nevaeh truly is the love of his life.

Alante explains that their relationship is 'hit and miss' -- they talk and text all the time for several months, but then she disappears for a long time.

He has not been with anyone else, because he has been waiting to be with Nevaeh for years.

You can watch Alante explain the relationship here:

In talking to Nev and Max, Alante revealed that he has turned his life upside down, but it seems like Nevaeh disappears a lot.

Alante's family, meanwhile, wants Nev and Max to find Nevaeh so that Alante gets closure -- but they don't have very high expectations.

Alante and Nevaeh first met online when they were in high school.

They have video-chatted multiple times but for some reason Nevaeh was always in a dark room and Alante couldn't see her. Still, Alante has been loyal and really wants to meet Nevaeh and marry her.

Check out the clip:

So Max and Nev head to Saginaw, Michigan to figure out what's been going on. They meet Alante, and he tells them about his son. The son is 3 years old. Alante's son was fathered with another woman but Alante continues to think about Navaeh.

Nevaeh would always send Alante loving messages throughout the day. Still, she would go for long stretches without talking to him. Nevaeh has only sent Alante about 8-9 photos over the past several years.

Nevaeh has two different phone numbers - one for texting one for talking. Nev and Max start by doing a picture search and going through Nevaeh's facebook.

They quickly realize that the photos belong to another girl by the name of Audrey, who's from Brooklyn.

Then Nev and Max do a search on Facebook to see if Nevaeh and Alante has mutual friends. They then send messages to all of the mutual friends, asking how they know Nevaeh.

Nev and Max then search the phone number of Nevaeh and find a bite for a woman named Latoya in the right location in Michigan. They then search any mutual friends Letoya and it turns out she and Alante still have a number of mutual friends.

Nev and Max then call one of Nevaeh and Alante's mutual friends and learn that he and Nevaeh have been flirting over the past few weeks.

It turns out that Nevaeh has been talking to a lot of guys and manipulating a whole town.

Max and Nev then meet up with Alante again. He's at a family cookout and his friends and family conjecture about who Nevaeh might be. Max and Nev show Alante what they've found out.

Alante actually knows several of the guys that Nevaeh has been flirting with. Alante is crushed to find all of this out.

Max and Nev decide to call Nevaeh's number. They then text her. The ball is now in her court. Nev and Max then get a call.

It turns out to be someone named Seiairah. They meet up with her.

Seiairah says that she is close friends with Nevaeh and also knows Alante but feels like she's in the middle of things because she knows Nevaeh has been catfishing people.

Seiairah offers to contact Nevaeh to see if she's willing to meet up with Nev and Max. A meeting time and place actually does get set up.

Nev and Max then meet up with Alante. Alante says that Seiairah has a crush on him but he feels she's a little young. Alante accompanies Nev and Max to meet up with Nevaeh.

They get to the meeting place and shockingly, the catfish turns out to be Ericka, Alante's godsister. Ericka says that Alante had told her about his interest in Seiairah and Ericka wanted to prove to Seiairah that Alante was someone who would just cheat on her.

Ericka wanted to teach Alante a lession but she kept things going because Seiairah kept telling her to do so. Ericka reports catfishing was something that she and all of her friend were doing in high school.

Alante feels completely betrayed. Ericka isn't actually Alante's sister but they are close like family. Ericka does feel bad.

Nev and Max decide to invite Ericka over to speak with Alante about the whole situation. Ericka explains that she was in a relationship with Alante's friend and Alante never told Ericka that his friend was never really interested in her.

Ericka was upset and angry and wanted to punish Alante. Still, Ericka admits to enjoying the attention she got as Nevaeh, given that she's always been put down as herself. Alante can't forgive Ericka.

Five months later, Alante and Ericka did make up and resume their friendship. Ericka also turns out to be pregnant - no resolution, however, on who the father is.

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