Marvel's Inhumans Continues To Be A Chore To Watch

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Marvel's Inhumans has now run for four episodes and things don't seem to be improving.

Much like the first episode, not a lot happens and the series continues to be quite boring to watch as time goes by. There doesn't seem to be a sign that the series will improve in the near future.

Bear in mind, this article will talk about spoilers for episode four called "Make Way for Medusa".

You can click away if you want to avoid spoilers. You can read on if you want to know how boring this series has become though...

Let me start off by talking about the series' main villain Maximus. Maximus is a weak villain in my opinion as he has done nothing for the past four episodes.

All he does is sit on his throne on Attlian barking orders to everyone else.

At this stage, he still has no powers of his own and he's too lazy to go down to Earth to find the fugitive Inhumans. I cannot take this villain seriously unless he does something for himself.

Three characters in episode 4 also have no direction at the moment. Karnak is still separated from the rest of the pack and starts a romantic relationship with Jen who is a female cannabis farmer.

I have no idea why this random romance sub-plot has anything to do with the main story. It seems out of place and just a story to fill out the hour of television.

Gorgon had a point in episode three trying to fight off Maximus' henchmen/henchwomen. Well in this week's episode, he does nothing at all.

Crystal has somewhat of a purpose for this week as she befriends some humans that are able to help Lockjaw who is sick. Despite that, she too doesn't do much in this episode either.

Medusa and Black Bolt eventually get reunited at the end of this episode. This is the only major thing that happened.

Still, both characters are pretty useless because they cannot really use their powers. Medusa's hair is still cut off and Black Bolt is unable to use his power because it's still too dangerous.

The reason I am not liking Marvel's Inhumans so far is because the series does not feel like it's based on a superhero comic book series.

As I mentioned in a previous opinion piece, it feels like I'm watching something like Prison Break or Lost instead. There's barely any action scenes and the characters rarely use their powers.

Due to the way the series is going and the low number of viewers, I doubt that the series will get another season. The budget is too low for them to add any exciting action scenes.

Fox is doing better with 'The Gifted' because that show features an exciting plot with characters that actually use their powers. Inhumans is the exact opposite of this.

It's too bad Inhumans is written the way that it is because I admire the Hawaiian setting and I like the actors/actresses in the show.

It's just that they don't have much good material to work with. I'm still going to continue watching the series for a small hope that things can get better though...

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