Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 Review/Recap: The Queen's Justice

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Game of Thrones has been on fire thus far this season, with last week's surprise ending that had Euron Greyjoy taking out the Dornish army and capturing Ellaria and Tyene Sand, as well as Yara Greyjoy.

The previews for this week got us even more hyped with the showing of a meeting between two characters we've been waiting to see meet for years, though in past seasons this may not have happened until the very end of the episode as a tease.

That was not the case this season however, as we kick off the third episode titled "The Queen's Justice" with the meeting between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

The episode stars with Jon and Sir Davos arriving on the shore of Dragonstone, where they are greeted by Tyrion and Missandei. Jon and Tyrion have a nice little reunion here, but Missandei then asks for Jon and his crew's weapons to be turned over, in which they comply.

As they walk up the stairwell, Drogon flies right above them and both Jon and Davos fall to the ground in surprise, while Tyrion and Missandei just stand there unphased.

Tyrion helps Jon up and says "I'd say you get used to them, but you never do."

Watching from a distance is Melisandre on a cliff, where Varys comes upon her. He questions why she is not down there to meet the visitors, especially since it was her idea to bring Jon in the first place.

She says she did not depart from Jon on good terms and that she was leaving Westeros.

Varys tells her that it'd be wise for her to never return. She says she will return one time, when she is coming to die, just as he will, which seems to visibly shake Varys.

When then cut to the throne room where Daenerys is sitting upon the throne itself as Jon comes before her. Daenerys addresses Jon as a lord rather than a king, which Davos quickly corrects.

She says that his ancestor pledged loyalty to House Targaryen in perpetuity, so he should do the same and bend the knee.

He says he will not, as he is not there for that as there is no time to worry about the likes of Cersei and such right now.

Instead, he pleads that she must help him fight against the upcoming threat from beyond the wall, the White Walkers and the Night King.

You can tell that Daenerys thinks he is crazy, though you would think the one that brought back dragons to the world would believe the impossible could happen. Overall, this first meeting does not go well at all between the two, with neither making any headway towards getting the other on their side.

When things were really getting testy, Varys comes in and whispers something to Daenerys, which ends up being him telling her about Euron's attack from the previous episode, leading her to tell Jon and Davos that they will ready food and sleeping quarters for them.

This leads Jon to ask whether they are her prisoner, in which she responds "not yet."

We then cut to the seas where Theon is being fished out of the water by the few remaining ships in their fleet.

He tells them that he tried to say his sister Yara, but they said he wouldn't still be alive if he really did.

This leads directly to Euron parading through King's Landing to the applause of the people as he marches Ellaria and Tyene, as well as Yara through the streets. He brings them in front of Cersei and gives Ellaria and Tyene to her as a gift.

Cersei agrees to ally with Euron, though she still refuses to accept his proposal until the war is over.

We get a rather funny scene here too where Euron really gets at Jaime by asking if Cersei likes it rough and other very sexual questions.

The next scene follows directly after as Cersei takes both Ellaria and Tyene into the dungeons and has them tied up. After giving a long speech about how Ellaria took her only daughter away from her, she starts talking about the beauty of Tyene and kisses her on the lips. For those that remember, Ellaria used a poison she put on her lips to kill Cersei's daughter Myrcella, so this is exact payback for that.

Making it even worse, she then tells Ellaria that she is going to leave her there to watch her daughter not only die, but rot until her own skull caves in, just like Oberyn's was crushed by the Mountain.

This is definitely one of the roughest scenes in the series from just what is going to happen. It'll be interesting to see whether Ellaria will survive if King's Landing is invaded.

After this power trip of revenge by Cersei, she goes and has sex with Jaime. The next morning they are woken up to the sound of a door knock.

In the past, this taboo relationship had to be hidden, which Jaime says, but Cersei says she doesn't care anymore since she's the queen, so she opens the door to one of her servants, while showing them together, who says she has a visitor from Braavos.

The fact that the servant, who has appeared on the show before, now has a haircut just like Cersei was a nice touch, perhaps showing she's taking control in even the littlest of ways.

We go directly to this meeting with Cersei and Tycho Nestoris of the Iron Bank from Braavos, who is coming to collect on their massive debt. Cersei asks if he is starting to bet on other houses now to finance, with her once again giving reasons for why Daenerys will fail.

She then tells him to return to Braavos and they will be repaid in full very soon. This continually plays on the old line of "A Lannister always pays his debts."

The show then makes a return trip to Dragonstone, as we see Tyrion walking along a cliffside when he comes upon Jon. They have a good conversation that has Tyrion really trying to please Daenerys cause to Jon, with Jon also explaining why the White Walkers are the major threat.

Having Tyrion and Jon interact again is great to see and I can't wait to see more next week as well.

In the end, Jon reveals the real reason he is there, dragonglass, which he then relays to Daenerys while saying he believes Jon essentially in funny fashion as he quotes himself as "an old wise man." When trying to please Jon's case earlier in the episode, Davos nearly divulged that Jon died and was brought back, of which Daenerys brings up to Tyrion, meaning we'll definitely have more involving that in the future.

This leads to another meeting between Jon and Daenerys, this time on the long winding stairwell outside of Dragonstone castle. This conversation goes much better, as they show a good bit of chemistry in their interactions here.

As a gesture of goodwill at the urging of Tyrion, Daenerys tells Jon he can mine for dragonglass there, and she will provide all the men he needs to do so.

The partnership between the two is starting to come into shape, so it will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

Next up, we get our first visit to Winterfell this episode as Sansa is demonstrating her leadership as she walks around the town while conversing with advisors, including the always devious Littlefinger. Before long though, she gets word of someone entering the gate.

When she goes to it, we finally get yet one of the reunions we've been waiting for as Bran has arrived with Meera at Winterfell.

Sansa gets really emotional as she just gives him a huge hug, thinking he was dead all this time.

Sansa and Bran then sit alone as he seems very out of it. He explains that he is the Three-Eyed Raven and is everywhere at once basically. She is very confused and asks him to explain.

He then goes on about how beautiful she looked on her wedding night, and how sorry he was for how she had to go through all that.

This really seems to hit her hard, and she has to get up and leave.

With Bran there, now we just need Arya to arrive to have all of the true children of Ned Stark that are still living in one place.

After this relatively short time in Winterfell, we move to the Citadel, where the Archmaester is inspecting Jorah after Sam treated him for greyscale.

It actually looks like he was completely successful, so Jorah sets off to go rejoin Daenerys, but not before thanking Sam for saving his life.

It appers that the Archmaester is going to punish Sam for doing this forbidden procedure, but he actually tells him he should be proud for saving him, though no punishment will be his only reward for it.

The big battle of the episode comes next as the Unsullied try to storm Casterly Rock as Tyrion has planned. Tyrion narrates how the fortress is impregnable, including a very funny usage of the term by himself, but that he created a secret passage when he snuck women into Casterly Rock back in the day.

A small crew of Unsullied go in here and then open the gates from the inside to kill everyone and take over the castle.

However, Grey Worm points out that it seemed like most of the army was gone, which we see is the case as this was all a trap, as Euron's fleet destroys all of the ships used by the Unsullied to come, leaving them stranded there.

Instead, Jaime Lannister and the rest of the army marched on Highgarden, home of the Tyrells, which they take over easily. This then leads to one of the absolutely best scenes in the entire series as Jaime Lannister comes upon Olenna Tyrell. Jaime seemed to respect her and tells her that while Cersei wanted to drag her through the streets of Kings Landing and behead her or flay her alive, he wanted to give her mercy. He gives her a poison that he tells her will be painless.

She quickly pours it in her wine and downs the drink. However, she gets the absolute last laugh as she asks if this poison will do like the one that killed Joffrey, which had him grabbing for his throat as he died.

She then reveals to him that she was the one that poisoned Joffrey and she picked that poison for that very reason.

She tells Jaime that she wants him to make sure Cersei knows she is the reason she killed her son.

You can see the look of pure anger in Jaime's eyes as he just gets up and walks out as the credits start to roll.

"The Queen's Justice" was another stellar episode that had many scenes that fans have been waiting for for many years.

This included not only Jon Snow and Daenerys finally interacting, but also Sansa reuniting with Bran.

With it looking more and more like we may see all out war very soon, next week's episode could be really interesting as we only have four left in the season and 10 total left in the series.

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