Chelsea Handler Tells Ellen DeGeneres All About 'Chelsea Does'

All week long it seems as if Chelsea Handler has been on a press tear to promote her new four-part docuseries "Chelsea Does." Today, she stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres show to talk about "Chelsea Does" and some of the topics she tackles in the mini series.

Like a couple of DeGeneres guests in the past couple of months, Handler also attended the wedding of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. She immediately told a story about being at the wedding with DeGeneres and having a nice conversation but when she sent her a text the next day, she never heard back from her.

DeGeneres played it off as she believed that she did happen to respond to the text.

In "Chelsea Does," Handler explores four topics: marriage, drugs, silicon valley and racism. DeGeneres raved about the series and said that it was really funny and informative. She called Handler clever and genuine.

Handler discussed the fact that now she is more open to marriage than before as she felt pressured by people around her. She doesn't have a type but admits that she loves men.

Handler told the audience and DeGeneres all about her upcoming date after the show and says she now feels comfortable enough to let guys pick her up at her house.

The conversation moved into the fact that Handler likes to drink and likes drugs. In the series, she mixes Ambien and alcohol but she doesn't want to glorify drug use. She understands that there are people who have serious problems with addiction and she wanted to show people how they act when they are on drugs.

Handler also took ayahuasca which happens to be a hallucinogen used by shaman. Needless to say, "Chelsea Does" is shaping up to be a very interesting docuseries.

Check out Chelsea Handlers interview with Ellen DeGeneres below.