Howard Stern 12/2 Recap: Lady Gaga and Benjy Bronk's Girlfriend are the Ladies of the Hour

Today on the Howard Stern Show, two very hot ladies were the talk of the town. Lady Gaga filled in for Tony Bennett and Benjy Bronk defended the love he has for his girlfriend.

Gaga talked with Stern about the shows she's been performing with the legendary Tony Bennett.

She told Stern how she has sang a lot of songs with other people, but Bennett is by far her favorite. He radiates a youthful enthusiasm and energy when he sings.

She and Stern also gabbed about the music industry, and how Gaga is a true singer who doesn't need auto-tune to belt out her ballads.

"It's like cheating," she said about singers who use auto-tune in their albums. (*ahem* Taylor Swift *ahem*) Gaga gets up early to take care of her voice and do vocal training, and proved she's a truly musical hero.

Earlier, in the beginning of the show, a caller asked to talk with Benjy Bronk about his girlfriend, Elisa. Stern said he didn't believe that Bronk loved her, but Bronk assured him that he did.

Apparently, Bronk thinks he's a sex addict, yet he and his girlfriend hadn't slept together in months.

Bronk used to enjoy being able to sleep with ladies, and some really weird ones too, according to Stern. But now that he's with Elisa, it's different.

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