Hot Toys Reveals Final Product For Stealth Spider-Man Suit

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Hot Toys has now revealed the final product for the Stealth Suit used in Spider-Man: Far From Home. This is the suit that Betty Brant called 'Night Monkey' during the film.

The Stealth Suit is the back outfit that Spider-Man used while he was in Europe. The Hot Toys figure was revealed a while ago, but now it's finally ready to be released to the public.

Hot Toys revealed the final product over on its official Facebook page. You can read the full announcement posted down below.

"Molten man is emitting scorching heat with lava, absorbing everything from buildings to cars! And our friendly neighborhood Spidey in the new stealth suit trying to take down the fire monster has ended up being put as the mysterious new super hero, Night Monkey. Today, Hot Toys is excited to share Spider-Man in the tactical Stealth Suit as 1/6th scale collectible figure final product from Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Crafted with amazing likeness of Spider-Man’s appearance portrayed by Tom Holland in the movie, the figure features a newly developed masked head sculpt exposes part of face, multiple pairs of interchangeable eye pieces for Spider-Man’s expressions, a newly tailored black stealth suit with intricate details, and a variety of spider-web effect parts for poses.

Moreover, the deluxe version will exclusively include a beautifully designed diorama base with 2 LED light up modes inspired by Molten Man and his gripping claw.

Join Spider-Man figure to stop Molten Man from destroying the entire city!

We can expect to see even more Spider-Man toys when the third movie is out late next year! There will be more than one Spider-Man in the next one!

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