Arrow Season 7 Episode 4 Review: 'Level Two'

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The previous episode of Arrow ended with Oliver breaking into Brick's fight club and beating up guards in the prison so that he could get to the prison's "Level Two," which gives us the title of the episode.

Rather than seeing Oliver make his way through the prison's second level this episode though, we get a more psychological take as a doctor is trying to change Oliver.

Oliver's story solely focuses on his interactions with Slabside's Dr. Parker, who is essentially trying to lobotomize Oliver mentally through psychological torture.

This gives us some flashbacks to Oliver's short time on the life raft before his father kills the other survivor of the Queen's Gambit and himself so that Oliver has a chance at survival.

. Parker keeps saying that Oliver felt obligated to right his father's wrongs only because he saved him, which is the path is is paving for his own son.

Oliver resists through most of the episode, but Dr. Parker really does manage to break him as the episode goes on.

There definitely wasn't the action we have been used to with the prison storyline this week, but that is made up for with some nice emotional and dark moments from these interactions, as Dr.

Parker doesn't exact do things the right way.

Also stemming from near the near the end of last week, we learned that Felicity and Rene had captured the Silencer, so Felicity enlists Laurel to help her find out information against her better judgment.

These two characters have pretty much hated each other in the past, but it's great to see them working together here, with seeds planted for plenty more.

I also like how it is Felicity who leans on going too far, with Laurel having to pull her back from the edge.

Since they can't get any information off of The Silencer, they concoct a plan to let her go, but secretly planting a tracker on her instead in the hopes she will lead them to Diaz.

The Dinah vs. Rene storyline sort of comes to a boiling point in this episode, with Rene continuing to support the new Green Arrow.

While at a town meeting, a group of arsonists set a fire, in which Rene's daughter Zoe was trapped.

The new Green Arrow manages to come in and save the day by saving Zoe and leaving before the police can do anything.

Zoe ends up in the hospital, with one of my favorite scenes being Curtis bringing her a doll of Beebo, who is becoming the official mascot of the Arrowverse it seems.

Following some leads he heard, Rene then comes across another fire and in turn the new Green Arrow.

When Dinah shows up and tries to arrest the new Green Arrow, Rene gets in the way, which leads to her arresting Rene for getting in the way of police business, but she pretty quickly realizes she may have been wrong and frees him.

Dinah actually needs help stopping the group of arsonists, which eventually leads to a showdown at a movie theater. The arsonists succeed at starting a fire, but the new Green Arrow comes in and manages to save the day by putting out the fire before it can get too bad.

Dinah actually works with this new Green Arrow alongside Rene, seeming that the SCPD will now do similar to what Lance did by working with the Green Arrow in secret almost.

I'm definitely glad that this whole Dinah hating the new Green Arrow storyline appears to have been wrapped up very quickly, rather than being dragged out for way too long.

After a week without any, this episode once again has more flash forwards with Roy and William. After arriving in Star City, which appears to be in shambles, the two visit Smoak Technologies after the tracker they were following leads them there.

After solving a puzzle and getting a Rubik's Cube in return, the two are attacked, but saved by a 20 years older Dinah, who is back in her Black Canary gear.

While it isn't confirmed, it also appears something may have happened to her Canary Cry based on her putting her hand to her throat.

This leads to an even bigger surprise, where another costumed vigilante appears, who ends up being an older version of Rene's daughter Zoe.

This was kind of hinted at in the episode when Dinah gave her a Canary necklace, so it looks like she may have mentored her.

After solving the Rubik's cube and getting a hologram, Dinah reveals the major surprise that Felicity is dead.

"Level Two" was definitely a different kind of episode from the prison story, but it still continued the streak of very enjoyable season seven episodes.

I'm really liking the Laurel and Felicity team-up, and glad the Rene and Dinah conflict was resolved rather quickly.


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