DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 1 Review/Recap: Aruba-Con

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After a very rocky season one that had a middling villain and a story revolving around the mostly unlikeable Hawks, season two of the season completely turned it around with a compelling group of past villains known as the Legion of Doom, as well as a much better narrative.

The season left the series with a major cliffhanger and now the third season has arrived with Aruba-Con.

That finale had the Legends seemingly saving the world from the Legion and arriving in present day Los Angeles, but everything was not normal.

T-Rexs were running rampant and other weird anachronisms like Big Ben being in Los Angeles as well, with Sara proclaiming they "broke time."

Jumping to the premiere, we pick up right at that moment, where the Legends try to figure out what is happening. All of a sudden, a bunch of portals start popping up that are sending the dinosaurs and such back where they belong.

At this point, Rip shows up with a new look in a suit, saying he had everything under control with his new Time Bureau.

This was rather interesting, since right before the end of the finale, we had Rip telling Sara she was now the captain and then departing.

However, this Rip is from five years in the future where his Time Bureau is in charge of fixing time, now putting the Legends out of a job as Rip takes the Waverider from them and leaves them in present day.

We then jump forward to present day, where the Legends are now living "normal" lives. Sara is working at the show's equivalent of Bed, Bath, and Beyond, where she naturally clashes with her manager. It is weird Sara didn't just go back and join Team Arrow or be around her father, especially with the events of Arrow, but this is still funny nonetheless. Ray is working for a company that came up with the newest dating app, UpSwipz, where you swipe up or down instead of left or right.

I'm honestly surprise no one has actually tried this in real life yet. Nate is actually fighting crime in Central City, where we get a nice cameo from Wally West, aka Kid Flash.

We don't get to see what Jax and Stein are doing quite yet, but we soon learn that Jax wants to drop out of school as he wants more after being a superhero, while Stein is living his normal life and even had just found out his daughter, which was an anachronism from last season, is pregnant.

What happens to Amaya is kept under wraps for awhile, but it ends up she went back to 1942 to fulfill her destiny, which Nate believes Rip forced her to do.

The only other member of the team is Mick, who actually is chilling in Aruba as he had planned in the finale. However, while just hanging out by the beaches, he comes across the Julius Caesar, a new anachronism that the Time Bureau has missed entirely.

After calling Sara about it, her, Ray, and Nate try to sneak into the Time Bureau, where they run into Rip.

The Time Bureau goes to get Caesar, but he had gotten away, and due to a toga Greek life party going on, they just assume Mick was a drunk idiot and got the real Julius Caesar confused.

The Legends discover that Mick wasn't crazy and they steal the Waverider, which was now a training simulator, to get Caesar themselves.

Along the way, they have to get Jax and Stein, so that Jax can fix the ship to make the trip.

They manage to capture Caesar and instead of returning him to the Time Bureau to take back themselves, they decide to go against them and take Caesar back themselves.

This does not go as planned though as Caesar steals a book Nate is carrying as a way to make sure that time was corrected with Caesar back.

This brings the Time Bureau into play, who get ambushed, leading the Legends to having to save the day.

Rip's new number one at the Time Bureau really has a hatred towards the Legends, though it seemed there may be some chemistry between her and Sara that could lead to something down the road.

Rip agrees to let the Legends keep the Waverider, with him saying they could help in the battle to come against a mysterious force named "Mallus."

Finally at the very end, we get our first glimpse at Amaya, who Rip says went back to 1942 and his village of Zambesi of her own volition.

A group of poachers try to attack the village, but she accesses her powers which have seemed to have gotten a major upgrade.

Rather than a single animal powering her up, she seemed to be able to call on multiple animal spirits at once time that work separately.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow's season three premiere titled Aruba-Con was a great followup to the stellar second season. Any worries that the series may revert back to its season one quality seemed to be dashed with a solid opener that had plenty of comedy and great moments with the characters.

The only downside is we didn't really get to see anything about any true villains for the season, though the Time Bureau will certainly serve as an antagonist.

All I know is I can't wait to see where the Legends visit the rest of this season.

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