'Counting On' Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: Jill and Jessa Duggar Talk Courtship, Babies, and Second Pregnancies

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A new season of Jill and Jessa: Counting On is back and with the latest season comes another round of courting!

The younger Duggar girls are ready to take the spotlight, but as we discover, Jessa and Jill aren't ready to give up their time being center stage quite yet and they don't have to, considering the attention that their sons, Spurgeon and Israel command on the small-screen.

Ben and Jess are the first of the original Duggar clan to give us their latest update on the premiere of Counting On. Jessa talks about the experience of having their first child, Spurgeon. Jessa Duggar is seen caring for Spurgeon, who is now 6 months old. Friends of Ben and Jess are seen having dinner with them.

Their friends, the Napiers, talk about how they adopted their daughter from Africa. Ben and Jessa express their own interest in adopting.

Jessa also talks about feeling closer to Jill Duggar now that they're in the same stage of life, both married with sons.

Jill and Derek are the next of the Duggar clan on Counting On to tell us what they've been up to. Jill and Derek are filmed in Central America, where they're stationed on a mission.

Jill discusses the experience of caring for Israel in Central America. When water outages happen, dishes and diapers start piling up really quickly.

This episode of Counting On also features Anna Duggar. She's visiting Jessa and accompanied by her son, Marcus. Anna Duggar gives us an update on the status of her relationship with Josh Duggar.

She talks about how even though they've been through quite a bit of pain, Josh Duggar is back from rehab and they're moving forward in their relationship. Somehow, she looks a little too hopeful considering the "pain" she references not only involved Josh's alleged infidelity but also his reported history of molesting her sister-in-laws.

Anna Duggar helps Jessa baby-proof her home for Spurgeon's safety.

Meanwhile, Jessa and Anna take a trip to the local hardware store and pick up a few baby proofing items. Jinger Duggar remarks that she's along for the trip because she's looking forward to having a baby herself someday and needs the experience so that she's prepared.

Jessa is asked by the producers about Jinger's love life.

The Napiers come over for a night at Jessa and Ben's home. Jessa is hopeful about having a larger family someday and also adopting. She and Ben have already made inquiries at a local adoption agency.

Finally, the relationship between Jinger and Jeremy is featured. Their relationship will clearly be the highlight of this season of Counting On. Jim Bob Duggar is shown giving Jeremy his permission to court Jinger.

Jinger talks about her feelings for Jeremy and her siblings all share their opinions of their relationship. Jeremy finally arrives at the home after being picked up at the airport by Jim Bob.

Jeremy and Jinger's reunion is emotional given how sweet Jeremy's gift is to her. They say their first "I love you's" for the camera and Jeremy asks Jinger if they can court.

And with that, we're left in suspense about whether Jinger and Jeremy's courtship will end in an engagement this season.