DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 3 Review/Recap: Zari

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow has been on a roll so far this season with two episodes thus far that have done just what the second season did by mixing comedy and good action together.

They hoped to keep that trend going in the third episode of the season that introduces a new member of the Legends with the aptly titled "Zari."

This episode features two major plotlines throughout that eventually intersect at the end.

The first of these involves Amaya, who was brought back onto the Waverider in the last episode.

As we've seen in the past two episodes however, her totem is out of control right now and we see that early in the episode when it ends up that she is "sleepwalking" on the ceiling above the dining room with some sort of spider power.

The other plotline involves the mysterious woman we saw revived at the tail end of last week's episode, which we as the viewers know to be Amaya's granddaughter Kuasa. The hilarious new addition to the show this season in Time Bureau agent Gary ends up in 2042 Seattle where he finds Kuasa trying to track down and kill an unknown woman.

He sends out a distress signal for the Time Bureau, but the Legends manage to catch the signal and head there first.

They first try to track down this new hactivist named Zari, with Nate getting to use the funny "come with me if you want to live line," which Ray makes a point to say he got to use that in the past.

Zari doesn't believe them and ends up scrambling her signal from robots, which we find out are from ARGUS and she bolts off.

In this future 2042 version of Seattle, it ends up that metahumans are illegal and ARGUS is hunting them down.

They end up running into Zari again and bring her aboard the ship to protect her from Kuasa, who had found her and was going to try and kill her.

While on board, Gary spills the beans that the Legends are time travelers and they ask for Zari's help in taking down Kuasa, which she deduces as they want to use her as bait.

She agrees, but says they have to help her break her brother out of an ARGUS prison facility. They agree and head to that location.

When they get to the location, they go in and they realize that they are experimenting on metas, which leads to Jax actually freeing them all. In the shuffle, they learn that Zari was actually lying and her brother was not in the prison.

Instead, she was trying to steal an amulet, which she then uses to actually fly away. Ray takes off after her while keeping an eye on her, leading to a funny comment by Ray.

Meanwhile, Nate is trying to figure out a way to help Amaya, with her growing frustrated as Stein keeps trying to figure out what's wrong with her health wise when she says it's mystical.

She has a funny conversation with Sara saying she now knows what mansplaining is.

Nate however understands her and synthesizes a hallucinogen from Zambezi that people have used in the past to go on vision quests, which he tells her he will go on as well.

The two do this, with her actually going on a vision quest that leads to her meeting an ancestor of hers that tells her to trust herself and her growing powers. While this is going on, Nate is woken out of this state high as a kite, with Sara asking him to come give them backup.

This leads to some absolutely hilarious moments that almost had to have been adlibbed with the hilarious responses from his castmates.

One of the best moments was when he channeled his inner Scotty from Star Trek with "I'm giving her all she's got, Captain," when in fact the Waverider wasn't even moving after Sara asks him to bring the Waverider to them.

Nate eventually gets the Waverider to all of them except for Ray and Zari, which of course means it is time for Agent Sharp from the Time Bureau to show up and cause problems.

She tries to prevent them from leaving the time stream, but Sara plays a game of chicken with her and wins as Sharp disappears away at the last second with their much larger ship.

During this standoff, Ray and Zari arrive at a campsite of what was Zari's family's rendezvous point, in which she learns the rest of them are all dead.

It ends up that her brother was killed prior and the amulet she stole was his, which they took from him after he died.

They are attacked by Kuasa and her water based powers however, with Kuasa nearly drowning Ray just with her own powers.

Luckily, the Legends arrive just in time after their game of chicken with Agent Sharp.

Amaya actually joins them for this fight and shows she has gotten over her issues with her totem and knocks down Kuasa.

This is the point where Kuasa uses some mystical object to escape, before teasing that she has ties to Amaya, though she doesn't seem to know its her granddaughter yet.

Mick actually returns Zari to 2042 to leave her there, but Amaya intervenes and invites her to join the team by saying that Zari's amulet is actually a totem and they are connected for some reason.

In the end, Zari agrees to come on board, giving us another member of the Legends.

We haven't had a new addition to the Legends team since Amaya joined last season, so it was nice to be introduced to Zari this week.

We didn't get to see a whole lot out of her personality wise yet, but she seemed to be a good fit there.

For those that don't know, she is actually known as Isis in the comics, but it is very likely we won't see her referred to as that with the tabooness of that word these days.

The very end of the episode is actually a little tease for next week's Halloween themed episode. It cuts us to Ivy Town back in the '80s where a little boy is being chased by bullies.

He manages to escape them by hiding in a sewer pipe, where he seems to meet a little monster and introduced himself as Ray Palmer.

This was a great ending to tease us with what looks like a ET meets Stranger Things episode for actual Halloween night.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow keeps it going with another solid outing in its third episode of the season, though it definitely isn't as good as the first two episodes.

I still don't know quite how to feel about Zari yet, but high Nate was worth the price of admission alone in this episode, along with a tease for what looks to be a great episode next week.

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