Review: Your Name Is A Charming Anime Movie

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Your Name came out in Japan last year and is one of the highest grossing anime films of all time.

There's a reason this movie is so popular and that's because it's charming, unique but also humorous at the same time.

The gist of the story is about a country girl named Mitsuha who is bored and wishes to be a city boy living in Tokyo.

Little does she know is that her wish somewhat comes true and she swaps bodies with an actual high school Tokyo boy named Taki.

The swapping bodies storyline has been done before as seen in The Hot Chick starring Rob Schneider and a little Australian movie called Dating the Enemy starring Guy Pearce.

Your Name is slightly different though because Mitsuha and Taki aren't trapped in their bodies forever. They alternate every second day or so.

The first half of the movie is hilarious as we see both characters trying to not ruin the other person's life.

Their friends and family think they are being schizophrenic, but in reality they are an entirely different person trapped in a body of a stranger.

The pair has to figure out how to live their lives normally while swapping bodies every second day or so.

It's funny to see Taki act more feminine when Mitsuha is inside his body. As for Taki inside Mitsuha, Taki is confused the first time he sees breasts on his body!

As aforementioned, the first half of this movie is really funny and you never get bored of them swapping bodies. The last hour of the movie though takes a different turn and it becomes more of a drama.

Without giving away too many spoilers, let's just say something big happens and Your Name is no longer a comedy in the latter half.

That being said though, the movie still has an unpredictable plot and you don't want to miss what happens at the end of it.

In terms of the animation, it is excellent. Even though this movie may not offer any action scenes, the animation and visuals are lovely.

You will notice there is a stark contrast when the movie shifts from the country side to the city. Each region looks and feels different from the other.

The voice acting is great too.

I only had a chance to watch this movie with Japanese audio and English subtitles, although I still thought the voice actors do a great job with both Taki and Mitsuha.

When the movie is out in North America, you'll have a chance to listen to the English dub from Funimation.

Overall, Your Name is a charming film and anime fans won't be disappointed by it. It has a healthy mix of drama and comedy plus a very unique story.

The movie is out in North America on April 7th, 2017 at select theaters. If you want to book advanced tickets, you can click here to do so.

Verdict: 4/5

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