A New Dragon Ball Mobile App Is Releasing Very Soon

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A new type of Dragon Ball mobile app will be revealed in a little over two week's time.

Little is known about the new app at this time, but it will be made by Bandai Namco so it could be some type of new mobile video game of some sort.

The official V-Jump Twitter page posted the announcement. The announcement will be broadcast via a niconico stream on March 21st, at 8:00pm Japan time and they say it's a must for any Dragon Ball fan to tune in. 

According to DB-Z.com, this new mobile app should have a worldwide release so it won't just be available only to gamers living in Japan.

This is because the app supports the languages of Japanese, English, French, German, Korean and Traditional Chinese.

The app is also expected to be free for you to download on the iOS and Google Play stores.

That said, it will still have some microtransactions much like most other free to play apps that are available on mobile devices.

Not even the official niconico website gave us more clues on what type of mobile app this will be.

If you are interested in this new announcement, you can visit the official website that has a countdown clock to its full reveal on March 21st.

Even though Dragon Ball Super may be ending at the end of the month, the Dragon Ball franchise still lives on in other media.

Aside from mobile video games, both Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Dragon Ball FighterZ are still entertaining fighting game fans worldwide at the moment with new DLC.

There's no new episode of Dragon Ball Super on this Sunday, but the final two episodes are set to air on March 18th and March 25th. Check back with us for our full reviews and recaps!

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