Dragon Ball Super Is Going To Start Airing Every Weeknight On Cartoon Network

Dragon Ball Super first run at least ended in Japan back in March, but the dub has still been playing catch up after starting much later.

As the series is about to start the lengthy final arc known as the Universe Survival Saga, it has been revealed that the series is going to start airing on weeknights as well.

After being gone for years, Toonami returned to Cartoon Network after an April Fools prank a few years ago.

In that time since, the Saturday block has grown larger and expanded further, though still staying on Saturday.

This block has included Dragon Ball Super airing weekly since it was added to the schedule last summer, but now Super is set to be on six nights a week!

Reports were starting to come out the last few days, but the official Funimation Twitter finally confirmed the news by tweeting the following:

"The Universe Survival Saga dub begins soon—need to catch up?! @CartoonNetwork will re-air #DragonBallSuper episodes EVERY WEEKNIGHT starting from episode 1, making this anime’s first return to weekday primetime TV in a long time! Broadcast starts this Monday, July 2."

The glory days of Toonami had it airing every weekday afternoon, along with blocks at midnight and on Saturday mornings, so it will be great to see Dragon Ball Super on almost every night of the week now.

While it won't be completely like the old days where there is a new episode every single day, this is a great way for people to catch up that are behind and don't have the ability to stream it elsewhere.

For those worried that the Saturday run will be delayed as a result of this, you need not worry, as the Universe Survival Saga will be kicking off and airing new episodes exclusively on Saturdays, while the other five days will be running from the beginning.

The only bad news out of this is that it will be replacing King of the Hill on the schedule, with that show evidently leaving Adult Swim entirely.

With it not available streaming anywhere right now, hopefully we'll see another network or streaming service pick it up sometime soon.

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