Venom Movie Producer Still Won't Say If Spider-Man Will Appear In The Film

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Sony is releasing its own Venom movie next year starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. The thing on everybody's mind is if Spider-Man will make an appearance.

If you know Spider-Man history, you'll know the character of Venom was somewhat created thanks to Peter Parker. Parker wore an alien symbiote but got rid of it because it was slowly controlling his mind.

The alien symbiote then ran away to Eddie Brock giving him similar powers to Spider-Man. Not to mention it kind of made Brock go crazy.

However, it sounds like Sony's Venom movie might be going a different route. MTV News talked with the movie's producer, Matt Tolmach, and he kind of dodged questions regarding Spidey's involvement in the film. You can read Tolmach's comments below.

We're making a Venom movie, is what I'm going to say to you. A Venom movie, with Tom Hardy, and I think you will be very pleased. We're making a Venom movie ... and I'm excited for people to explore it, and find out what that is.

He did not want to confirm or deny if Spider-Man is in the movie, nor did he want to say if it's connected to the MCU. Judging by his response, it sounds like the film is a standalone effort from Sony and Spider-Man might not even appear.

However, it sounds like the movie could still be enjoyable since Tom Hardy himself is a really big fan of the Venom character. As long as the new film is better than Spider-Man 3, it should be a joy to watch.

Venom is released in North America on October 8th, 2018. It's not the only spin-off Sony has planned because a Silver Sable/Black Cat movie is also in the planning phases too.

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