Spider-Man: Homecoming Soundtrack Listing Confirms Old-School Theme And More

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The full track listing for the Spider-Man: Homecoming soundtrack has now been revealed and the movie will have a modern rendition of the old-school TV theme.

This is the catchy tune that people may remember from the old '60s cartoon version of the character.

The soundtrack for Spider-Man: Homecoming has been composed by the talented Michael Giacchino. People may know him already as the composer for other big blockbuster movies as he has worked on the likes of Star Trek, Star Wars: Rogue One, Doctor Strange and more.

He actually won an Academy Award for his work on the movie Up. The track listing for Homecoming can be seen below. Bear in mind, some minor spoilers about the movie follow as it has been listed in chronological order...

1. Spider-Man Television Theme

2. The World is Changing

3. Academic Decommitment

4. High Tech Heist

5. On a Ned-To-Know Basis

6. Drag Racing / An Old Van Rundown

7. Webbed Surveillance

8. No Vault of His Own

9. Monumental Meltdown


The Baby Monitor Protocol

11. A Boatload of Trouble Part 1

12. A Boatload of Trouble Part 2

13. Ferry Dust Up

14. Stark Raving Mad


Pop Vulture

16.Bussed a Move

17. Lift Off

18. Fly-By-Night Operation

19.Vulture Clash

20. A Stark Contrast

21. No Frills Proto COOL!

22. Spider-Man: Homecoming Suite

The soundtrack for the movie is available now via Amazon. It has the same release date of the movie which is July 7th, 2017.

If you are planning to buy the soundtrack, Amazon has listed it for a price of $11.98.

There is a lot of to get excited about for this new movie since it's the first Spider-Man film to be officially part of the MCU.

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