WWE Teasing Rey Mysterio's Retirement Next Week

Rey Mysterio has been wrestling for a long time, although he's nearing 50 years old and time is not on his side.

Due to this, WWE is teasing that the popular WWE Superstar will be retiring from in-ring action next week on Monday Night Raw.

WWE has announced on its many social media accounts that a retirement ceremony for Rey Mysterio will happen on June 1st, 2020.

This is nearly a month after he was put off TV with a storyline eye injury caused by Seth Rollins.

It's hard to tell if this is a legit retirement since WWE has swerved its audience before.

A few years ago, Mark Henry teased his retirement on Raw but it turned out to be fake and he had a match with John Cena.

In my opinion, Rey Mysterio's retirement next week could just be a ploy to increase the show's ratings. I feel Mysterio isn't retiring soon and he will further his storyline with Seth Rollins as the year goes by.

Rey Mysterio is 45 years old so it's not as old as other wrestlers like The Undertaker or even AEW's Chris Jericho. There should be more things for Rey Mysterio to achieve because a legend like that deserves a better sendoff.

Even if Rey Mysterio does retire next week, he already had a Hall of Fame style of career. He's a legend to the fans and he will never be forgotten for his many contributions to the wrestling business.

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