Evel Dick Announces HIV Positivity on 'Couples Therapy'

On tonight's "Couples Therapy" Dick Donato made a public announcement revealing that he was HIV positive.

Evel Dick (@EvelDick) took to twitter tonight to reveal that he had tested positive for HIV, and that he would be making his formal announcement on tonight's "Couples Therapy" episode.

He admitted that he had been carrying around this heavy secret, and was thankful that the show gave him a platform to tell the public.

In his one-on-one with Dr. Jenn he made his formal announcement. He believes he contracted it after a drunken night with a stripper in Las Vegas, and reassured that this incident did not happen while he was with Stephanie.

Unfortunately for Evel Dick the issue of whether tell people raised tension between him and Stephanie.

While he believed he wanted to just get his secret out there, she disagreed, thinking that it wasn't a good idea to make it fully public.

Meanwhile Dr. Jenn still had to deal with her issues with Nikki and Jenna after last episode's argument with them. Nikki Ferrell (her Instagram) has been very public on the show about her problems with the cameramen and the producers, even getting in trouble with Dr.

Jenn. At the end of last week's episode Jenna Jameson (@jennajameson) agreed with Nikki's complaints, and tonight Dr.

Jenn held an emergency group meeting to scold them for their non-commitment to her process. Nikki's constant complaining still annoyed the other girls,

Dr. Jenn's main complaint with Nikki is that she is afraid to step out of her comfort zone and really talk with Juan Pablo about their relationship. Nikki feels as if she is still waiting for Juan Pablo (@JuanPaGalavis) to truly and ultimately pick her, and he admitted how hard it is to make her happy. Nikki admitted she knew what the problem is, and Dr.

Jenn told her she has to use her process to overcome her struggles. Nikki finally opened up and revealed her vulnerable side to Juan Pablo and the others, which is what Dr.

Jenn wanted all along. Unfortunately for Juan Pablo this raised tension and arguments between them about their relationship.

Dr. Jenn also claimed that Jenna is sabotaging Nikki and Juan Pablo's relationship by giving her terrible advice which could lead to issues. Jenna was a ticking time-bomb as the yelling triggered her rage. She admitted she will "lose her sh**" after being treated like that by Dr.

Jenn. Her boyfriend John Wood did his best to keep her calm, however Jenna's irrational behavior would not be settled.


Jenn met with her one-on-one to figure out how to improve their relationship as well as her situation in the house.

Jenna and John's relationship continued down the negative road with her irrational thinking and behavior, and he was doing his best to work things out.

The next episode of "Couples Therapy" airs Wednesday, Oct. 8th at 9 p.m. on VH1.