Suicide Squad Director Reveals Cut Joker Scene Details

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Suicide Squad was a very interesting success story financially for DC and Warner Bros., while also being a failure critically after receiving scathing reviews.

Like many of the DC Extended University movies, a lot of meddling appeared to have gone on behind the scenes, including reshoots, but now the director of the movie has finally revealed how one scene was meant to go down.

Suicide Squad released back in August 2016 with a lot of positive buzz leading up to release with the fun marketing campaign, but very quickly was ripped apart for its less than amazing story that felt way too big in scope for these smaller scale characters.

There was a lot of talk prior to release about the inclusion of Jared Leto as the Joker, though a large majority of that was bad based off the very controversial design.

The movie itself then came and Joker was hardly in it, with a lot of his scenes being cut.

Just recently, a fan asked Suicide Squad David Ayer on Twitter about what happened to a scene we saw part of in the trailer with Joker with burns on his face and another of him pulling a pin from a grenade with his mouth, in which he responded by saying:

After Joker dropped HQ from the help and crashed, Enchantress made a deal with him. He was going to take Harley home and be “King of Gotham” Harley stood up to him and refused to betray her new friends. The Squad turned on him and he escaped.

Even with the controversy with the Joker, having a scene like this stay in definitely would have done a lot more towards having Harley Quinn feel like she had some character growth as she chose her new friends over the abusive ex.

However, this is pretty much undone by not only not being included, but having the Joker end up saving her at the end of the movie from prison.

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