John Cena Has Been Cast In Daddy's Home 2

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WWE Superstar John Cena is branching off to Hollywood much like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson did many years ago.

The wrestling star has now been cast in the comedy Daddy's Home 2 and it sounds like it will be a bigger role other than just a cameo.

As reported by Deadline, John Cena made a cameo in the first Daddy's Home movie, but now his character factors into the story of Daddy's Home 2.

It says that Mark Wahlberg's character has to face even more challenges of being a stepdad with a more muscular rival. That muscular rival is none other than John Cena.

John Cena has been finding a niche starring in comedy films. He was recently in Trainwrecked and Sisters too and people praised him in those movies.

It will be interesting to see if Cena is able to become a big name in Hollywood. He's third on the totem pole with The Rock first and Dave Bautista second when it comes to professional wrestlers in Hollywood.

Due to his role in Daddy's Home 2, Cena is going to take time off after WrestleMania 33. This could be one of the reasons why Cena doesn't have a big match planned for WrestleMania 33 this year.

He's just going to be in a mixed tag match with him teaming up with Nikki Bella to face The Miz and Maryse.

Cena was originally going to face The Undertaker, but Vince McMahon favored Roman Reigns to have that match instead.

Cena's continued absence gives McMahon more motivation to push Roman Reigns as the top guy in the WWE. McMahon is hell-bent on making Reigns the face of the company, although it has been a hard task since lots of fans dislike Reigns.

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