Calum Worthy from Disney's 'Austin and Ally' Premiering a New Show: 'Cassandra French's Finishing School'

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Remember Calum Worthy, who played Dez on Disney's Austin and Ally? Well, he's back, and he has a new show coming out this week.

The show is called Cassandra French's Finishing School and it will first air on Friday, February 17.

The show will be on Fullscreen and the Audience Network. That means that you'll be able to watch it on TV only if you have DirectTV, as no cable networks will be airing the show.

However, if you don't have DirectTV, you can watch it on the Fullscreen Network, which will be showing it online.

The Fullscreen Network is an online pay video channel, which includes several exclusive series as well as multiple syndicated shows. The channel cost $5.99 per month and is available on most devices.

Although Calum Worthy has said little about the show's premise, he has made a few teaser comments.

One of the teasers was this: "has a guy been terrible to you and you wish you could teach him to be a better man? Then check out Cassandra French's Finishing School."

Worthy has also said multiple times that his new show is going to be significantly edgier then previous work he's done.

Worthy will be playing a character in the show who "makes a BIG mistake with a girl and then has to face the consequences."

In the past he's mostly worked with Disney and Nickelodeon, either as on camera talent or as a producer/director.

Aside from being a costar on Austin and Ally, Worthy also appeared in shows like Disney's Bizaardvark. He was recently in Nickelodeon's Valentine's Day special.

Worthy also announced today that he will be coming out with a new Netflix series this year and a movie called Bodied, which is about a rap battle. We can't wait to see what that is.

Are you planning to watch the show? What do you think it'll be about? Tweet us.

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