'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After' Tell All Episode Part 2 Recap: Is Anfisa Really a Virgin?

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On Part 2 of the 90 Day Fiance tell all, even more drama took place as Danielle and Mohamed faced off once again.

Paola and Russ

When we last saw Paola and Russ, Pao had walked off the stage. In this episode, Russ managed to calm Pao down.

Mohamed and Danielle

Robin asks Danielle what would satisfy her and Danielle notes that what would help is if Mohamed would return home on his own or be deported. Backstage, Pao is seen noting that the country doesn't belong to Danielle.

Mohamed is also asked about Danielle's angry phone call to him during this season when she sees that he has a photo of him posted on social media with another woman. Danielle notes that she feels it's disrespectful for Mohamed to be seen with so many other women. Mohamed takes pot shots at Danielle, calling her crazy and a stalker.

Danielle opens up a large folder that she's holding, detailing all of the text messages that she and Mohamed have exchanged.

Robin looks perturbed by the folder and asks Danielle what she intends to do wiith it. Danielle responds that she wants to send it to immigration.

Robin then asks Mohamed if he understands that he really hurt Danielle. Mohamed says that Danielle never loved him, which causes Danielle to burst into tears and leeve the stage.

Mohamed points out that Danielle always cries just to gain sympathy. Backstage, Danielle notes that she and her siblings didn't speak for a long time because of her decision to remain with Mohamed.

Mohamed also notes when asked that his plan now is to "disappear" and move on with his life.

Anfisa and Jorge

Backstage, Loren causes Anfisa to walk out when she points out that Jorge and Anfisa have made a mockery of the K1 visa process.

Loren questions Jorge on whether he truly loved Anfisa. In an interesting moment, Loren points out all of Anfisa's botox, and surprisingly, Pao notes that Anfisa is even that attractive.

Back with Robin, Jorge reveals that he didn't see his family for almost a year because it upset Anfisa so much. Jorge and Anfisa fight on set about the issues with his family.

Everyone notes that Jorge should have stood up for Anfisa better. Jorge admits that he feels Anfisa deserved the degrading remarks his sister made about her.

The issue of Anfisa's virginity comes up, which takes both Loren and Pao aback. Later, Loren and Pao discuss their skepticism about Anfisa's words.

Jorge admits to being angry with Anfisa because he feels betrayed.

Loren and Alexei

Loren can't help calling Mohamed and Anfisa out for making a mockery of the K1 visa process. Then again, Loren has something to say to everyone.

Pedro and Chantel

Pedro answers Robin's questions about his conflict with river. Pedro believes the issue could be best resolved in a boxing ring.

Pedro also answers questions on the matter of the prenup that Chantel's family asked him to sign. Chantel also talks about how her family didn't like Pedro's family and the conflict that escalated on their trip.

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