'The Spouse House' TLC Episode 4 Recap: Do Danny's Parents Stop The Wedding?

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On tonight's episode of The Spouse House on TLC, we meet the two new characters: Ben, who will be matched with Bri, and Ashley T, who is matched up with Darren.

Ashley is very conservative, and is concerned about being touched by Darren.

Missy and Chris are all over each other. That makes Brianne upset. Missy says she won, and that's what she came to the house to do. But Bri is still flirting with Chris, and that's turning Ben off.

Danny gets down on his knee and proposes to Yesnaya. Danny had professed his love for her and her son previously, but we don't know what Yesnaya will say.

She responds, "yes," making this the first successful marriage proposal on the show. Danny calls his parents, and he tells them about the marriage. They're getting married on Sunday, and the parents seem really upset.

Especially about the child. They start complaining about Yesnaya while she's on the speakerphone. Nevertheless, Yesnaya doesn't seem too put off.

Yesnaya's family is much more excited. But she has yet to introduce Danny to her kid.

In the next scene, Yesnaya's son, Lance Jr., arrives. She explains that she met a guy and is getting married.

Danny meets Lance Jr., and they get along pretty well. Lance invites Danny to his basketball games. He gives Yesnaya his blessing to get married.

Before the wedding, Danny's parents arrive. They're not at all happy about this wedding. They don't get to meet Naya until the actual wedding ceremony.

The marriage goes through, but then it's time for Naya to meet Danny's parents. They welcome her to the family.

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