Steve Harvey Gets Fit With 'Extreme Rebounding' The New Fitness Craze

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The love advisor Steve Harvey puts a new exercise to the test as he tries his hand at Extreme rebounding, one of the newest workout crazes to take the fitness world by storm.

According to Harvey, the producers of his show saw the exercise and forced him into trying it.

Fitness expert Nikki Kimbrough explained that the Extreme Rebounding workout as a 45 minute high-intensity workout that takes one of your favorite childhood past times and turns it into an exercise.

In a comedic twist Harvey asks Kimbrough, "What kind of childhood did you have where you had a trampoline," "We jumped on the bed and we got beat for it."

Kimbrough says that you can burn about 500 calories in 30 minutes of exercising before she coaxed Harvey on to his trampoline with a little help from the studio audience.

He then took to the first exercise where he did the Rebounder-Bounce Jump, followed by the some modified Jumping Jacks and finally the Quick Feet.

Once the first part was all over Harvey asked at what point do you stop the workout and Kimbrough answered by bringing out a troop of girls of his own

According to the Jason Vale's website,, NASA calls the Extreme Rebounding "the most efficient and effective workout yet devised by man." The workout involves a mini trampoline and a whole lot of jumping.

According to Steve Harvey TV's website the Extreme rebounding workout is "a high intensity, low impact, trampoline workout."

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