'The Meg' Takes A Big Bite At The Box Office This Weekend

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Box Office analysts are very surprised this weekend because the shark movie called 'The Meg' over performed to a huge opening.

It easily was the number one movie at the Box Office this weekend and it should be seen as a big success for Warner Bros.

As reported by Box Office Pro, The Meg took in an amazing $44.5 million this weekend. This is far better than the $20 million to $25 million opening that Box Office analysts were previously predicting.

The budget for the film is estimated to have been over $150 million so this should be seen as a positive thing for the movie studio.

The big weekend was helped mainly because it had the second largest screen count for the month of August just behind 2016's Suicide Squad.

From a worldwide standpoint, The Meg earned $97 million in 42 countries giving the film a global opening of $141.3 million.

Word of mouth seems to be better with movie goers as the film got a "B+" rating on Cinemascore which is better than the low 49% rating that critics gave compiled by Rotten Tomatoes.

The Meg is likely going to dominate next weekend as there isn't many other big movies left to be released for the rest of August.

Not to mention the film opened well in China so it could squeeze in to make a small profit.

The only other new releases this weekend at the Box Office is Slender Man and the BlacKkKlansman. Those movies grossed $11.3 million and $10.8 million respectively.

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