Woman Who Locked Herself In Her Pantry Visits The Ellen Show With Her Family

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Remember that awesome video of the mom who locked herself in her pantry to get away from her kids. Well, thanks to the viral nature of the video, it earned her and her family a trip to The Ellen Show.

The "mommy break" video has been going super viral with plenty of moms sharing how much they related to it. DeGeneres said the video was an excellent illustration of what being a mom is like.

She played a clip from the video where Ashley, took a break to eat a treat in order to help her through the snowy day, as her husband shoveled the driveway.

She said the kids never go away and want everything you have.

The host welcomed Ashley to the show and revealed that she actually has four, two-year-old quadruplets. Ashley said she has Indie, Esme, Scarlett and Evangeline who are a handful to say the least.

She would not pick favorites when DeGeneres asked. The mommy of four can actually tell them apart as they are two sets of identical twins.

Ashley said she asked the technician to count again when they first found out. DeGeneres also showed a video of the rest of the family back stage.

The mommy shared what a typical day is like for her and her husband, before DeGeneres brought the entire family to the stage.

You can watch all of the extra larger interview with The Ellen Show in the video below.

Woman Who Locked Herself In Her Pantry Visits The Ellen Show With Her Family

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