'90 Day Fiance' Season 5 Episode 2: The Explosions Begin With Jorge And Anfisa

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Tonight was the 2nd episode of 90 Day Fiance season 5 (Happily Ever After Season 2) and there was plenty of conflict to keep an audience captivated for 2 hours.

Anfisa and Jorge

Anfisa is still upset about Jorge's revelation that he's in debt. She talks about how dependent she feels on Jorge, which upsets her. She didn't expect him to be a billionaire but is shocked to find out how badly he's doing.

She feels she gave up everything in Russia to be in the US and doesn't feel that Jorge appreciates it.

Still, Jorge feels that the timing of their conflict is notable given that her green card deadline is coming up. He believes Anfisa is going to leave after she gets her green card.

Anfisa wants to visit the lawyer to set up a post-nuptial agreement so that she doesn't have to absorb his debt. Jorge admits that his asset value is $150,000 and makes a demand himself, noting that he only wants to give up 50% of his value to her after being married for 5 years. However, Anfisa refuses to give into this condition, since she doesn't see herself being married to Jorge for even 5 years.

In a tense moment, Anfisa and Jorge take some time to talk things through but Anfisa grows so upset, she stalks out.

However, she comes back and hits Jorge when he tells her that he won't screw himself just so that she can be happy.

The lawyers reflect on Jorge and Anfisa's relationship and can see that things are really intense between them.

Jorge talks to Anfisa in the car and feels surprised to find out that the whole time he thought Anfisa was being sarcastic, she was actually telling him the truth.

Anfisa deadpans to the camera that she never lied to Jorge and made it clear that she was only ever interested in him based on what he could buy her.

Later, Jorge decides to see a lawyer by himself but when he does so, Anfisa calls him several times and goes nuts every time she speaks with him.

She screams hysterically through the phone for him to get her food, then says that she's going to get a ride to him.

Paola and Russ

Paola misses Russ but has been keeping busy hanging out with other fellow models. Russ is spending timing alone in Oklahoma. He feels a lot of uncertainty about what's going to happen.

Russ has a drink with a friend and tells him about his and Paola's plan to sell their home.

Russ is frustrated about Paola's working for an agency that hasn't booked her any gigs. Russ feels held back given that going to Miami may not actually be good for his career.

Russ calls Paola after packing up all of his things and tells her that he's going to move down to Miami. He feels he needs to give Miami a chance to make his marriage to Paola work.

Paola tries to contact her agent to see if she can book some gigs but she can't get in touch with her.

Loren and Alexei

Loren is preparing for her trip to New York but recognizes that she'll be seeing Sarah, which will upset Alexei. So she cooks Alexei his favorite meal to placate him.

Loren arrives in NY and checks into her hotel. Sarah soon arrives and they quickly start in on their night with drinks. Sarah asks if Alexei is still upset with Loren.

Loren admits that Alexei is still upset.

The truth comes out, however, that Alexei's friends had set up strippers for him, which is why Loren had wanted strippers for her party.

She had actually requested this from Sarah, but let Sarah take the blame as having the idea.

Loren calls Alexei while she's out on the town with Sarah and feels bad when it's clear how surly he is with Sarah.

Loren returns home with the conviction to tell Alexei that the strippers were her idea. However, her homecoming is marred by a fight with Alexei about Sarah saying she wants to come down to Florida to visit them.

After being at home for a few days, Loren decides to talk to Alexei. and tell him the truth about her bachelor party.

Alexei is upset that Loren lied to him about the whole situation. Meanwhile, Loren becomes distraught, which causes the fight to come to an end.

Mohamed and Danielle

Danielle feels she's gotten stronger and better able to resist Mohamed's manipulation. Still, she meets with him to hear out his pleas about the fact that she's sought an annulment.

Mohamed tries to convince Danielle that he's not the only reason that their marriage ended.

He also gives her some bait, which is that he feels that they could be friends. Danielle requests that Mohamed apologize to her family members, which Mohamed is willing to do.

Danielle herself meets with her family to let them know what's been going on. She hasn't spoken with her family for almost a year because of her disagreement with them about their view that Mohamed was just trying to use her. Danielle is insistent that she's not going to let Mohamed sweet talk her out of the annulment.

She feels she needs to stick with the annulment to show her family that she has moved on. Still, her family wonders why she even met with Mohamed. However, they do agree to meet with Mohamed.

Mohamed meets with Danielle's family and apologizes. However, Mohamed refuses to admit that he used Danielle. Danielle's family accuses Mohamed of cheating on Danielle but in an ill-advised retort, Mohamed says he only went out with 2 other women.

Danielle's family asks about the retraction of the first annulment.

Mohamed doesn't really have a response to this but insists that he's not going back to Tunisia. When he reflects on the trip, however, Mohamed feels that he accomplished what he set out to.

Chantel and Pedro

Chantel goes out with her family but doesn't bring Pedro along, since he doesn't quite get along with her parents. Chantel tells her family that she and Pedro want to plan a wedding in the Dominican Republic so that they can meet Pedro's parents. Her family reluctantly agrees.

Chantel also has to deal with the fact that her brother, River hates Pedro.

Still, Chantel asks Pedro to play basketball with Pedro which he does reluctantly.

During their game, however, Pedro accuses River of being a snake while River tells Pedro that Chantel's last boyfriend came around to their house all of the time.

Pedro returns to their house and talks to Chantel about what happened. Chantel gets frustrated with Pedro's response.

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