Dragon Ball Super Episode 91 Review/Recap: Last Preparations For The Tournament

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There are only a few more hours until the Tournament of Power starts and many of the universes are getting ready for it. However, not every universe is as prepared as others.

It will be interesting to see if they are able to recruit all the fighters they need. Dragon Ball Super episode 91 allows us to see some of the other universes outside of Universe 7.

The Zen-Ohs are looking at the preparations and Goku's Universe 7 seems to be ahead of the others. They have managed to recruit all of their fighters already.

Old Kai suggests he should unlock Goku's potential while they wait. This sounds like a good idea, although this is a 25 hour process. They cannot wait that long.

While the Universe 7 fighters are waiting, the fighters prepare to do some last minute training. Goku trains with Whis while Vegeta trains with himself at the lookout. Master Roshi has the funniest scene of the entire episode.

Roshi wants to overcome his weakness for young girls. He asks Puar to transform into a young girl so he can resist his urges. Let's just say Roshi is unable to overcome his weakness because he's too horny.

As for Universe 6, Champa has asked Hit to go out and recruit Frost. Frost is still a fugitive and doesn't want to meet up with Hit. After a small scuffle, Hit says to Frost that he's not out to kill him.

Hit wants him to participate in the Tournament of Power. Frost agrees to it, although he's not allowed to use this poison darts. If he uses the poison darts, he will be erased on the spot.

Universe 9 seems to be the most disorganized group. They hardly have any fighters on their team apart from the Trio De Dangers.

Even after exploring many planets, they have yet to see anyone that can join their team.

Gowasu's Universe 10 is prepared, although it seems as if they are full of weak fighters. Gowasu is making them dance so that he can get lots of hits on GodTube.

Universe 10 appears to be Universe 7's biggest threat. Toppo still wants to recruit Jiren, although he has yet to meet up with them. It's possible Jiren will join the group at the last minute.

We also get to see an all-new character from Universe 2. This is a pretty green haired girl named Brianne. However, she transforms into a chubby smurf-looking creature as her fighting form.

At the end of the episode, Hercule gives some bad news to Goku and team Universe 7. Buu has fallen asleep and is unlikely to wake up until 2 month's time.

This is devastating because they need 10 fighters in order to compete in the Tournament of Power. Goku decides to meet Buu to see how severe the situation is. Who will join Universe 7 if Buu is out of commission?

Overall, episode 91 of Dragon Ball Super was not an important one. It was more of a filler episode giving us details on some of the other fighters in the tournament.

It was still entertaining, although not a lot of story advancement took place here.

The only humorous scene was the one involving Master Roshi. Next week looks like it will be more of the same, although we'll see the Universe 6 Saiyans.

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