The Mandalorian Episode 8 Review (Spoilers)

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The Mandalorian TV show comes to a close with an epic episode 8. In this episode, we get to know more about The Mandalorian character and there are also teases for what's to come in Season 2!

We last left off episode 7 on a cliffhanger.

Poor old Kuiil got killed by Stormtroopers and Baby Yoda got kidnapped. As for our trio of heroes, The Mandalorian, Cara Dune and Greef Karga are pinned down by Moth Gideon's Stormtrooper army.

The beginning of this episode started on a funny note since this episode was directed by Taika Waititi. The Stormtroopers show how sucky they are at shooting and they also have a two way banter.

While the Stormtroopers fight over Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda is then saved by IG-11. IG-11 easily kills off the Stormtroopers and now he's on his way into town to save the others.

Before IG-11 saves the trio, we get to learn more about The Mandalorian's past.

Moth Gideon invaded his planet when he was a kid, but he got saved by a bunch of Mandalorian warriors. He became a part of the creed and has been a Mandalorian warrior ever since.

We also get to learn that his real name is Din Djarin. He's not related to the Fett family or any other famous name in the Star Wars lore like some people speculated.

Anyway, Moth Gideon gets impatient and sends out a flamethrower trooper to flush them out.

Thankfully, IG-11 arrives with Baby Yoda in tow and Baby Yoda saves the trio from burning alive by using the Force! The Force burns the trooper giving the heroes enough time to escape to the sewers.

During the scuffle, The Mandalorian gets injured and urges the rest of the team to go ahead without him.

IG-11 stays behind and even removes his helmet to treat him. Since IG-11 isn't a living thing, he's allowed to see Din Djarin unmasked.

With The Mandalorian somewhat healed, he and IG-11 join the others to meet the Armorer. She's the only Mandalorian warrior left on Navarro since most of the others left the planet a few days ago!

There are no other Mandalorians left to help out our heroes, but the Armorer tells The Mandalorian should escape Navarro and try and find Baby Yoda's home planet. This is something that we will see in Season 2.

When the heroes leave, the Armorer is attacked by a battalion of Stormtroopers. The Armorer shows how badass she really is as she single-handedly kills all of the Stormtroopers by herself.

The rest of the heroes travel underground but they are stuck on a boat while more Stormtroopers await their position. They are vulnerable and there's no way to fight back.

The next scene made me feel sad because IG-11 decides to commit suicide in order for the other heroes to escape.

IG-11 uses his self destruct mode to kill himself and the Stormtroopers. Now it's just our heroes vs Moth Gideon!

The final scene is arguably the best moment of the entire episode. The heroes are still alive, but they are now being hunted down by Moth Gideon who's flying inside of his cool looking TIE-Fighter.

Greef Karga made me laugh when he urges Baby Yoda to use his "magic" to kill off Moth Gideon. This plan obviously doesn't work because Baby Yoda already used up his Force energy on the flamethrower trooper.

The Mandalorian comes up with a plan and that's to use his jetpack that he newly acquired from the Armorer.

By using the jetpack, he flies to the TIE Fighter and throws a bomb to make it crash. Is Moth Gideon dead once and for all?

With our heroes safe from danger, Greef Karga and Cara Dune stay behind on Navarro.

Karga wants to rebuild his bounty guild while The Mandalorian decides to leave in order to find Baby Yoda's home planet.

Season 2 will be interesting because we might finally get to know what species Yoda is and where his home planet is!

The episode ends with a shocking note because Moth Gidoen is still alive. He escapes the wreckage by using his darksaber.

How he got the darksaber remains to be seen. Season 2 is going to be awesome with the way things left off in season 1.

Anyway, episode 8 of The Mandalorian was excellent because it had a lot of cool action and even a bit of humor. Season 1 as a whole has been great with only episode 5 being the weakest one of the bunch.

Another thing we have to find out in Season 2 is find out who the mystery guy was in episode 5. It will be interesting to see if the showrunners decide to bring back Boba Fett to Star Wars canon.

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